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A new age E-travel "packform"

Packist Achievements in Q1 2017

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Our Vision

To be one of the finest and most popular online travel platform with a vast and professional network of merchants and partners providing innovative products and services for a revolutionary way to travel the world.


Our Mission

Packist strive to provide the most professional and comprehensive online travel services to all travel lovers by encompassing efficiency, reliability, practicality, and the excitement of hassle-free, borderless travelling to ensure you enjoy nothing less than total satisfaction. 

About Us

“Packist” breeds from the derivation of creating and offering an integrated online travel platform, having travel agencies to upload and sell tour packages online; while travelers can select and book tour packages without hassle, evolving to be Malaysia’s new “Travelution”.

Providing the most compatible and professional online tour booking portal, a place where travel agencies meet and assist travelers while travelers can find their desired tour packages with the affordable price, strives to be a new age of Travel “Pack”form. takes the first step in offering one-stop tour package booking platform with trusted online payment gateway, we strive to be the finest online travel platform offering wide selection of products, covering cruise, theme park entrance tickets, and many more.

“Packist” is derived from the notion of packing up and all ready to go, embracing the excitement of going for a carefree vacation very soon. The selection of the “Packist” name represents our aspiration to realize everyone’s traveling dreams. We are inspiring everyone to be bold, positive and optimistic in pursuing our dreams to travel, transcending the conventional and stepping out to enjoy what the world has to offer. Inspired by available e-commerce developments, re-developed own online tour package platform solely with strong and solid IT programming team.

With the aim in gathering more than 1,000 travel agencies under one platform, continues to upgrade our services to assist travel agencies in gaining more business opportunities and exposure.


How we started is one of Beautiful World Tours & Travel Sdn. Bhd. (243717-W) (KKKP2455)’s new brand and online businesses affiliate. Beautiful World Tours & Travel Sdn. Bhd. has been offering tourism services in the travel and tourism industry for the past 23 years.

Beautiful World Tours & Travel Sdn. Bhd. Started with the intention of creating a simpler platform for travel agencies to sell their tour packages and customers can purchase tour packages easier without visiting tour offices. With, it is easier for customers to reach travel agencies, creating a healthier and easier transaction between customers and travel agencies.

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    Daily Tour Packages for every budget.

    The finest online platform with one of the most comprehensive tour packages being offered by our huge network of travel agencies. Compare & get the best travel deals!


    Available anytime, anywhere.

    Fast, easy & convenient to use. Travel here, there, everywhere.



    We aim to build a high-end travel platform which everyone can travel at low cost. Create a brand new travel era, an E-Travel “Packform”.


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