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We are here to inspire you with the best, truly unique and exclusive premium travel experiences locally and internationally.

We believe in enriching your life through travel so our team of travel experts highest priority is delivering exceptional and intuitive experience just for you.

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We value the importance of self-nourishment and community-development. To make this a reality, we intend to pioneer and be the global market leader in providing premium wellness and voluntourism travel experiences to our customers.



We understand the importance of a dynamic company culture. That is why things move quickly around here. We love new ideas and bringing them into fruition.

We’ve worked hard to earn our consistently excellent reputation. We are never afraid of taking risks when we believe in it’s value and principle, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Our History is engineered by and operates as Beautiful World Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd (243717-W) (KKKP2455)’s online travel platform.

For over 25 years, Beautiful World Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd has tirelessly cemented its ground as a market leader in the tourism industry by utilizing its travel expertise in order to offer its customers with exclusive travel packages and services.