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About Japan

A land where tradition and modernity coexist.  Japan, which is called "Nihon" or "Nippon" in Japanese, is made up of 6,852 islands and home to 14 million people. Being a leader in automobile manufacturing, the electronic goods industry, and thrives as a technological innovator and trendsetter, Japan boasts a highly attractive business environment which benefits from social and political stability

Top Places to Go In Japan

A city that is probably in everyone's bucket list, Tokyo - capital city of Japan has lots going on. From a marvelous mix of modern living and old-fashioned manners, slick high-tech gadgets, amazing animations and cartoon mascots - Tokyo has fabulous food and unparalleled mass transit system. You will be able to find thousands of list to do online and your tour packages will include the best of Tokyo so we would like to recommend a few things not to miss when you are in the city.

Since Tsukiji Market is only bound to open in October 2018, have a visit to Uobei in Shibuya where you are able to select your food via a multi-language touch screen, the dishes are delivered by high-speed chute, with nary a hint of there being any humans involved in the process. Besides visiting the famous Meiji Shrine and beautiful Yoyogi Park, visit Hachiko Shrine near Shibuya and visit the nearby Starbucks to people-watch at the famous Shibuya crossing. If you are a fan of gadgets and all things anime, a visit to Akihabara Electric Town is a must.

If you think of doing something totally different and have the extra money and time to spare, you will be amazed at world-famous Robot Restaurant where there will be unique live music, dancers, a parade of robots and lasers galore!


Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kansai, Japan, outside of Osaka. With a centuries-old history as the island nation’s capital, as well as one of the major religious hubs in Japan, Kyoto has a plethora of cultural sights, from ancient palaces to hidden temples. At the same time, Kyoto also offers fun activities as alternatives to visiting shrines.

Top things to do in Kyoto includes visiting Gion area where part of Kyoto was preserved in the style of the Edo period. This is the district where geishas were trained, and today tourists can get a geisha makeover and explore the historical streets dressed how its inhabitants would have looked. Even if you prefer not to dress up, Gion is a fantastic place to experience Kyoto’s history and culture, as it is filled with temples and other traditional architecture. Additionally, a must visit Saiho-ji , a UNESCO Heritage site famed for its moss-covered garden, which feels like a hidden, magical oasis. You can have a look at the vivid colors of Japan’s distinct four seasons can clearly be seen from the Kiyomizu-dera temple, which offers a spectacular view of the valley below.

If you would like to see something quite odd, visit The Higashi Hongan-ji Temple where you can see ropes made from human hair. WhyObject Hint: It has something to do with building the temple.


Located on the island of Honshu in Japan, Osaka is a large port city and commercial center popularly known for its nightlife, street food, and modern architecture. An interesting tourist destination and is home to various amusement parks, nature parks, shrines, temples, and other historical landmarks, Osaka is definitely a place to visit! 

Top things to do in Osaka will definitely have to be the Osaka Castle which is surrounded by cherry, peach and plum trees and a beautifully landscaped garden that makes it a wonderful place to spend time. Other attractions include Sumiyoshi-Taisha, one of Osaka’s oldest Shinto shrines. Osaka is also home to world-famous museums that include the Osaka Museum of History, Maritime Museum, and Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum. Among the popular Osaka dishes worth sampling include Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.  Although a rather offbeat location, Osaka has a lot to offer like other popular cities in Japan.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movie series, you will definitely would not want to miss out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan!


Experience the splendour of nature in Hokkaido as it is one of the most popular provinces in Japan. A place that it is Instagram ready, it is also famous for its Hokkaido King Crab which is a must try when you are in this city!

Packist recommends going to Hokkaido especially during the Sapporo Snow Festival which happens only once a year whereby different ice statues are specially curated for the event. Located in the Kamigawa District of Hokkaido, Bie-cho’s rolling hills and spectacular landscape have earned it the well-deserved nickname of “Japan’s most beautiful village.” If you are a MAC user, you will realize that one of Apple's wallpaper is Bie-cho’s most famous spot, the Blue Pond. Have a morning stroll at Hakodate morning market where you will be able to enjoy not only a vast amount of fresh fish caught at a nearby pot but also delicious crab meat soup along the market.

If you are a morning person, do visit Unkai Terrace where you will be able to see a fantastic spectacle of nature. Looking down over the sea of clouds while enjoying a great cup of coffee is something else.  The conditions have to be just right to see the Unkai, but why not give it a try?

Top Travel Tips for Japan from Packist

  • Visa: Most countries with a biometric passport with an embedded microchip that is compliant with ICAO standards like Malaysian passports do not need a visa to enter Japan.
  • Travel: As Japan is one of the most well-developed transportation networks, most cities in Japan like Tokyo and Kyoto public transportation will be the fastest way to get around. The fare for taxis are quite high compared to other countries, however, do experience it once especially for the automated taxi door
  • Plug Sockets: Similar to United States, Japan mainly uses the straight vertical, nonpolarized pins.
  • As much as we know you would like to take in the city and their delicious food, it is considered rude to eat/ drink while walking. If you have to, stop and eat at one spot. This goes the same for smokers as well and it would be best to turn to the wall while smoking.
  • Tips: It is not customary to tip in Japan, however, do be polite at all times.