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About Macao

Macao is a country in Asia that is rich with its old-world Sino-European architecture and culture that exist parallel with the modern and lavish lifestyle of its people. Macao is not only a country of UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is also renowned as Asia’s “Vegas of China” with its many casinos.  Thus, making it a modern country that is full of historic remnants.

Top Places to Go In Macao

The Ruins of St Paul’s

Once considered the finest Christian building in the Far East, the remains of St. Paul’s Cathedral stand at the top of a tall flight of granite steps. Its remaining Renaissance facade still displays a part of the cathedral's former glory although was destroyed by a typhoon and fire once in 1835. The St. Paul’s Cathedral has a notable feature of the Christian’s Mother of God, figures of Jesuit saints, and a profusion of relief ornaments.

When visiting the ruins of St. Paul, tourists often search for the Love Lane (Travessa da Paixao) that is situated beautifully around the corner of St. Paul. It is a small, narrow street beautifully restored with pink-coloured buildings that make it a picture-perfect spot.  

A Ma Temple

The A-Ma Temple (Templo de A-Ma) was built on the Macau Peninsula in 1488 as a dedication to the sea goddess Matsu. This Buddhist temple is one of Macau’s UNESCO Historic Center that becomes a popular religious site visited by tourists. The temple is divided into six interesting sections; the Gate Pavilion, Prayer Hall, Memorial Arch, Hall of Benevolence, Zhengjiao Chanlin and Hall of Guanyin. Each section of the temple has a unique feature such as its fierce-looking stone lions, statues of the goddess Matsu and the serenity of the temple grounds.

Macau Tower

With its 338 metres in height, Macau Tower is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks for tourists. The tall tower offers its visitors a panoramic view of Macao and the Pearl River Delta from its observation deck. For those who are daring, take a walk on the Macau Tower Skywalk where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view, or satisfy your thrill with by experiencing the world’s highest bungee jump at the 223-meter mark of Macau Tower.

Guia Fortress

Based on its history, Guia Fortress was designed to defend Macau from attacks from the sea, however, because of its position overlooking the entire city, it has turned into an observation post. The Guia Fortress is accessible via hiking paths or short cable car ride. With its lighthouse standing 91-meter-high, a visit at the top will grant you an impressive views of Macao. Visitor will also find historical remnants along the fortress such as old cannons, sets of tunnels, photos of military history and a small chapel that is dated back from the 1600s.

Venetian & Parisian Macao

Venetian & Parisian Macao is perfect for tourists looking for the modern atmosphere of Macao with an endless shopping experience. The Venetian Macao is one of the world largest casino & hotel with 3,000 suites all designed with lavish Italian marble bathrooms. The resort offers you with 350 international shops, street performers and the authentic Venetian gondola.

The Parisian Macau, on the other hand, offers the latest shopping mall, hotel, casino and its own Eiffel Tower.

Fortaleza do Monte: Home of The Macau Museum

Fortaleza do Monte was built in 1626 as a hub for Portugal’s military presence, and as the governor’s residence in 1749. Today, it has become a three-story Macau Museum dedicated for archeology and anthropology of Macau, focusing on the ways Chinese, Portuguese and Macanese have come to live together. Around there, tourists can also visit the Mount Fortress Garden, Mansao Evocativa de Sun Yat-sen mansion and Sun Yat Sen Park, in which all has its own historical values.

The Maritime Museum and Fisherman's Wharf

This excellent Maritime Museum hosts numerous displays which include a collection of Macau’s maritime history, model ships, and fishing equipment. The museum also exhibits an illustration on the development of nautical and meteorological instruments of the city’s seafaring past.  In front of the museum, visitors can find the Inner Harbour which restores Chinese dragon boat, a sampan, flower boat and fishing smack that were used by people to flee from Vietnam.

Located nearby, the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf or Doca dos Pescadores is a fun theme park which has numerous shops, restaurants and rides. Its design of rides is famous as it resembles coastal cities of Amsterdam and Venice.  

Senado Square

Located in the historic heart of Macao, the Senado Square rewards its visitors with a beautiful pedestrian area that has numerous highlighted building such as the old Senate building that is seen as the finest Portuguese colonial architecture in Macau. The square features European and Chinese culture that is lively with a spot for shopping, dining and just strolling around. You can also visit the St. Dominic’s Church located nearby the square.

Giant Panda Pavilion

One of the best spots to visit with families, Macao’s Giant Panda Pavilion housed several giant pandas, red pandas and also an assortment of monkeys. The place is also surrounded by beautiful koi ponds, gardens and children’s playground.

Top Travel Tips to Macao from Packist

  • Macau is a land of free shuttle services, so don’t worry about calling taxis as you can just ride shuttle services from any hotels to major tourist spots. You can even ride the shuttle from hotels that you are not staying at.
  • In Macau, they have their own currency called Macanese Patacas (MOP), however, the most preferred currency is Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). The exchange rate of both currencies are almost similar to 1:1, so, it is up to you which currency you prefer to use whether MOP or HKD, as their locals use both.
  • The best time to visit Macau is between March-May which is during spring, and it is advisable to avoid summer (June - August)  as it gets very hot and humid at that time of the year.