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About  Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, Maldives is rich with white sandy beaches and an amazing underwater world which makes it the perfect holiday for couples, families, and divers from around the world. With resorts and hotels occupying your time with watersports activities, pampering sessions as well as an indulgent of delicious food with fresh seafood, it will definitely be a memorable vacation to remember.

Top Activities In Maldives (besides being on the beach..)

Diving & Swimming with the Sharks

Escape the crowds to the southern Maldives for an exceptional liveaboard experience with an air of discovery and plenty of shark encounters, including grey reef, hammerhead and silky. Glide along tiers of colorful corals and discover diverse eco-systems boasting coral gardens, sea fans, starfish and hermit crabs. Swim further to the edge of the reef and watch dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and turtles roam the deep waters, coming close to the reefs from time to time. With high visibility in the Maldivian waters, you can get fairly close to 40 feet long sized sharks and be in awe of their size as you gently swim alongside them. 

Surfing / Watersports 

Most of the island resorts and hotels offer watersports activities for you and loved ones to immerse in the rich beauty of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Fun family activities include parasailing, wakeboarding, banana boating, kayaking, dolphin cruises, sunset fishing and private island excursions, as well as diving programs for guests aged eight and over.


Exploring the Spas

Mind, body, and spirit benefit from the serenity of a holiday in the Maldives especially when this is enhanced with relaxing and rejuvenating sessions at a resort’s spa. There are an estimated 110 top quality spas at island resorts plus some spas in Male’ and even one in the public terminal at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, as well as informal ones catering to guests staying on inhabited islands. Resort spas not only match the luxurious standard of the resort’s accommodation, they go beyond it in design and location as every spa seeks to convey a breath-taking ambiance of secure serenity where exotic therapies defy the imagination. So go on and pamper yourself while you are on vacation!

Top Travel Tips for Maldives from Packist

  1. With the standard socket is the UK-style three-pin however we strongly recommend you to bring a universal travel adapter. 
  2. As each resort is located on a single island in Maldives, do check on any transfers that Packist will be able to assist with. 
  3. As a strict Muslim country, there are specific bans on some things you may bring into the Maldives so we recommend for you to leave your Pork products, alcohol, and even tobacco products at home.