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Travel Packages To United Arab Emirates

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About the United Arab Emirates

With seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates, this subtropical country in the Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf has the second largest economy in the Gulf Corporation Council. With amazing beaches, tropical climate, and always pushing the boundaries on luxury vacations, UAE won't dissapoint.

Top Cities to Go In United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Capital city of the emirates as well as the capital of the federation, explore the 'Land of Gazelle' where a simple island settlement has since been transformed into the modern, cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi and the high-rise capital of the United Arab Emirates. With more than 200 islands within reach of Abu Dhabi coastline, no two Abu Dhabi islands are quite the same so you will be able to experience a safari-style adventure, basking in the sun on the sandy beach, have a glimpse of the old Arabia, the island has everything you need. 

To understand a little bit more in-depth about Abu Dhabi's tradition and religions, you must visit one of the world's most impressive landmarks, the amazing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Featuring the world's largest hand-woven carpet, it has the capacity to fill up more than 40,000 worshippers. Beachgoers who loves the sun should spend time on the stunning Saadiyat and Yas public beaches and if you would like a spot of luxury, spend your day at the uber-luxurious Saadiyat Beach Club. From surfing to wake-boarding and parasailing, from kayaking through Abud Dhabi natural mangrove forests or snorkeling and diving with a speedboat tour, the emirate's waters are yours to discover. 


As the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates but the biggest population, Dubai as it continues to build the first, largest and the biggest constructions in the world. With its ever constant persistence to construct something better and bigger than the previous build, Dubai is in a competition with itself.  Dubai constantly has a fantasy to make itself be a tourist magnet to a dreamy world of attraction and unheard of luxuries.

Allowing space for other religions to breath, Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown into a business and cultural hub. With an amazing combination of both the sun and the beach, Dubai is the perfect place to be swept away by adrenaline activities from skydiving over the magnificent Palm Jumeirah or paddleboarding across the coast with dolphins and sharks. Visit Dubai Old town and transport yourself to old Arabia traditional markets, authentic meals and cultural experiences. Take a look at some of the city’s most iconic spots and learn something new.

Top Travel Tips for United Arab Emirates from Packist

  • Best time to visit UAE is from November to March however this is also peak tourist season! The hottest month in UAE in August! 
  • If you are adventurous with food, try the Guinness World Book of Records as one of the largest food you can eat in the world, stuffed camel is filled with chicken, eggs, fish, sheep and spices and cooked on an open flame. 
  • Respect the country values and laws and keep it conservative when you can by dressing modestly. 
  • Alcohol is served in the UAE, but only within licensed hotels and clubs.