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Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a futuristic city full of magnificent skyscrapers more than any countries in the world, but the country is also rich in lush of green nature blanketing their land. The people of Hong Kong portray a dynamic culture of Chinese roots through their lifestyle, food, architecture and art. Thus, there are many places in Hong Kong to be explored in order to have a closer look at their urban and traditional culture.

Top Places to Go In Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest peak on Hong Kong Island and a visit to this high point gives you a chance to witness the panoramic view of the metropolis. Riding the Peak Tram will be the means of transport to reach the top peak and even from the tram, you will get a vast view of Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers passing by your window. At the Peak Tower, go up to level 5 of Sky Terrace 428 where you will be surprised with a 360-degree view of Hong Kong’s sparkling city.

Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the hottest spot for Disneyland in the world, Hong Kong Disneyland will surely embark you on an experience of never-ending fun and joy! Perfect for families, Hong Kong Disneyland offers you many rides and shows such as Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover, Mickey and Wondrous nook, Iron Man Tech Showcase and more activities with Disney characters.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s famous marine-life theme park known to have unique sea creatures, thrilling rides, and shows. For example, Adventures in Australia brings you to meet the amazing Australian animals. Other than that, Thrill Mountain invite guests to dangle off a cliff on the floorless roller coaster while Rainforest invites guests to experience the exotic sound of the tropical rainforest.

Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue)

Sitting tall and high on top of the mountain in Lantau Island, this majestic bronze Big Buddha statue draws pilgrims and even tourists all over Asia. If you want a closer look at this impressive statue, climb up 268 steps where you will also witness the magnificent mountain and sea views.

Temple Street Night Market

For more experience with the local atmosphere, head on to Temple Street Night Market where there are opera singers, fortune tellers, street food and a whole bunch of antiques and good finds. This is also where you should test your bargaining skills with the traders so they won’t charge extra price on tourists for the souvenirs you want to bring home.  

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is another popular temple that acts as a tribute to God of literature and war. Built in the year 1847, the temple remains mighty as the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong and a visit here will give you an insight of the Buddhism in Hong Kong.

Top Travel Tips for China from Packist

  • Traveling by transit railway is the easiest means of transport to travel to and from in Hong Kong is it is cheaper
  • Try to bargain when purchasing items at their street market