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About Indonesia

As the fourth largest country in the world and home to more than 195 million people, Indonesia’s allure lies in its rich cultural tapestry and untamed wilderness, its bustling cities and resorts are also famed for world-class visitor facilities. With 8 Indonesian World Heritage Site, it is no surprise that tourist from around the world puts Indonesia on the top list of hot countries to visit.

Top Places to Go In Indonesia


We know what you are thinking if you hear about Jakarta - traffic!! While it is true that Jakarta is famous for it traffic jam in Asia, Jakarta is definitely embracing its famous malls, bars, and restaurants. Jakarta may be crowded, loud, and busy, but it certainly isn't boring.

In Jakarta’s city centre of Merdeka Square, stands the National Monument (Monumen Nasional (Monas)) tower which is a must visit for every tourist as it is a symbol to be beckon with. The monument stands to symbolize the fight for Indonesia and constructed under direction of President Sukarno. Another place to visit is the National Gallery of Indonesia which  is a combination of museum and art gallery in Jakarta, where you can enjoy culture, history and visual arts.  A really nice place to spend time with your family is the TMII which is  a miniature park where you can learn interesting things about the country.

On another note, Old Town or Old Batavia has a very strong historical value, but it is unfortunate that most of the buildings in the Old Town are not well preserved. Around the Old Town, there are several interesting museums to visit. The Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum), Museum of Fine Art and Ceramic as well as the Puppet Museum are all around Batavia.


Known for colonial and art deco architecture, Bandung is a vibrant and lively university-feel town famous for being a shopping destination especially for the locals. Capital city of the West Javanese province, you’re never short on things to do in Bandung. It is a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Many travelers would say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

Top things to do in Bandung besides shopping is visiting one of the most beautiful lakes in the world  - Kawah Putih. The place is cooling but beware of sunburn as it is still really sunny here without feeling it.It is actually a sulphuric lake as it comes from a volcano and the entire area can be explored under 30 minutes. Unknown to many, Bandung actually do have rolling rice fields and some rice terraces in the highlands as well.

If you are visiting Tangkuban Perah, don't forget to enjoy Ciater Hot Spring to soak all your stress away!


An island province of Indonesia, Bali is a go to destination not only for newlyweds but for families and group of friends alike. Like many prime islands, Bali has developed a world of its own. It not only encapsulates what is special about Indonesia but also has a uniqueness of its own. Each year, many tourists visit from all around the world especially Australia and United Kingdom. Bali has thus developed as a tourist hot spot with delicious western food, amazing nightlife, an array of shopping streets, a surfers paradise and beholds breathtaking views of cultivated rice terraces and impressive volcanoes. recommends visiting Seminyak where you can walk for hours visiting quaint shops selling clothes and items for your home. An extensive range of cafe food with fresh avocados and fresh farm eggs are prepared fresh especially for you. We recommend to go on a half-day trip to Uluwatu to watch the famous Kecak dance during and experience the gorgeous sunset. Explore the most beautiful nature in Ubud villages such as waterfall, monkey forest, rice terraces, volcano or temples.

If you are traveling with kids, we recommend you to bring them to Waterbom Bali as it has exciting world-class slides and rides that will definitely be an ultimate escape!

Top Travel Tips for Indonesia from Packist

  • Plug Socket: Indonesia uses European-style two-pin round plugs.
  • Traffic: Jakarta, Indonesia, is the world’s largest population center without a metro train system that results in some of the worst traffic jams in the world so be prepared to stuck in traffic ( best to takeaway delicious pastries on your way back to the hotel! )
  • Visa: For 169 countries, Indonesia has a FREE visa on arrival option and it will be valid for 30 days
  • When in Bali, don’t only try their local food but their cafe food as well such as Sea Circus Cafe, The Cornerhouse and vegan ice cream from MadPops.