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You can book through computer or mobile, as long as there is internet connection.
Please enter the valid voucher code at the checkout before making the payment. Once the code is applied successfully, the final amount payable will be shown, you can then proceed and confirm your booking.
A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your booking was successful. We may contact you for further verification if necessary.
Unfortunately no. It is compulsory for all passengers to carry a passport that is valid for more than 6 months.
You can contact our customer service at 03 -27427889 or email us at .
Most hotels allow a guest to book three adults in one room by giving an extra bed. However, it is advised that you confirm it with our customer support or the hotel before booking.
In such a case, you just need to call our customer support at 03 -27427889 or email us at If we would have received your payment, your package will be confirmed offline from our end.
The star rating system is a yard stick for a hotel's overall quality. The star rating pertains to a hotel's level of service, facilities, rooms, location, price and other amenities.

Tripadvisor (TA) is the rating of the hotel given by the guest basis their individual experience. For instance, a 3-star hotel can have a 4.5 TA rating, which means that majority of the users are happy with the hotel.
It means that the rates given are for one person, whereas two people share the accommodation. For single occupancy, different rates apply.
• Keep valuables like cash, travellers cheque, passport and ticket in your handbag or luggage at all times.

• Do not keep all the money, travellers cheques and credit cards in one wallet/purse or pocket. Disperse them at different places so that you won't be penniless in the case of theft or misplacement of wallet.

• Hold your bags cautiously or keep them fastened at crowded places like stations or sightseeing spots.

• Avoid carrying too much money during sightseeing or lone excursions. Never leave your bags unattended, even in the coach.

• Pack your baggage yourself and label it with your name and contact details for easy identification.

• Do not accept any package from strangers or co-passengers.

• Ensure that your check-in bags have a locking facility.
Keep the contact numbers of our service partners handy at all times. They would be your primary helpers in the case of a rare event. Their numbers are mentioned in your travel documents.

You can also contact our customer service centre for help at 03 -27427889 or email us at .
Packist packages are designed to suit all types of vacations. Our packages offer value for money, quality service by professionals and travel experts.
One consolidated invoice is given for a holiday package.
Our Privacy Policy ensures your right to privacy. Your confidential information will only be used for purposes of booking finalization with our travel partners.
Worry not as all is welcome at Packist platform. We do provide special packages for vegan so just submit your enquiry to or contact us at +603 - 2742 7889
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Packist is an e-travel platform providing tour packages from wellness retreats to voluntourism packages.
Our services include:
- An extensive range of exclusively curated premium travel packages;
- Best flight offers;
- Visa services; and
- Travel insurance
A passport is a government-issued ID in the form of a passbook (valid for all international travel).

A travel visa grants travelers the right to enter and depart a specific country. You may need a visa for each individual port or connection on your itinerary, so check in advance.

United States Travel Ban
Due to regulations in the United States Executive Order entry ban, citizens of Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia may not be issued travel visas to enter the United States.

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is a required document for non-citizens to enter the US, unless you have a green card.

ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is a required document for non-citizens to travel to Australia and for visa-exempt non-citizens to travel to Canada. After approval it is associated with your passport, so you do not need to carry extra documentation. You can find applications and details at Australia Electronic Travel Authority or Canada Electronic Travel Authorization.

Traveling with minors
Children under 18 traveling without both parents may need to provide notarized documentation and letters of permission. Travellers/Parents should confirm with the embassy or consulate of the country to which they are traveling.

Minors traveling to South Africa
South Africa requires all minors to provide birth certificates in addition to passports for international travel. Please review South Africa's regulations for traveling with children for more detailed information. strives to provide its customers with complete confidence of a worryless travel experience. With services that include premium travel experience, flight booking and visa administration and advice; ensures a comfortable, exciting and inspiring adventure. Every. Time.