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30 January 2020
Things To Do On Valentine's Day For Singles
The single girl's Valentine's Day
10 December 2019
Absolutely Breathtaking! This Hidden Island in Indonesia is What Dreams Are Made Of
An intimate island vacation awaits.
22 October 2019
Corgi in the Garden: Now You Can Dine with Thailand's Most Wanted Doggos
Who let the dogs out?
01 October 2019
Yi Peng and Loi Krathong Festival 2019: A Mesmerising Event in Thailand You Shouldn’t Miss (VIDEO)
Check out the video at the end!
24 September 2019
Museum Kimchikan Seoul: A Delicious & Educational Experience
Embark on an educational food tour in Seoul
05 August 2019
Let’s get artsy! Discover Malaysia’s Best 5 Aesthetically Pleasing Street Full of Arts
Grab your cameras, because we are going to explore . . .
01 August 2019
It’s Time For.. GLAMPING. Here’s Top 5 Glamping Spots in Malaysia!
Ladies, call your girlfriends, pack your bag, beca . . .
01 July 2019
Explore LINE Village Bangkok - the Most Instagrammable Place in Thailand!
And it’s cute to boot!
10 May 2019
Calling All Animal Advocates in Malaysia - Volunteer to Save Our Animal Friends!
Our animal friends need us, it's high time we do s . . .
08 May 2019
Spiritual Journey: Uncovering Asia’s Places of Religion & Culture
Embark on your spiritual journey by uncovering Asi . . .
03 May 2019
Self-care: It is As Easy As Taking Care Of Your Body And Mind!
Taking care of your body and mind is the key to se . . .
01 May 2019
Wellness Retreat at The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort Berjaya Hills, Pahang, Malaysia
Re-energize at The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness
26 April 2019
Discover Best Road Trip Places In Malaysia and Music for Sing-Alongs!
Places and musics for road trip
18 April 2019
4 Attractions You Must See In The New World’s Best Airport - Changi Jewel Airport!
Changi Jewel Airport is the new world's best airpo . . .
13 February 2019
No idea for a Valentine Gift? Check it out!!
Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts that girls wants.
28 December 2018
5 AWESOME Ways to Celebrate New Years in Kuala Lumpur
New Years in the Capital!...
24 December 2018
7 Ways to Celebrate an Awesome Christmas in Malaysia
Enjoy Christmas with
11 December 2018
Up to 50% off on Packist 12.12 Sale!
Find your paradise at irresistable prices...
07 December 2018
Hidden attractions for you...
30 November 2018
5 BEST Muslim-Friendly Travel Destinations in Asia!
Travel with no hassle!...
28 November 2018
5 Reasons why travelling will change your life
Best reasons to travel...
23 November 2018
Top 7 Most Underrated Travel Countries in Europe
European Underdogs...
21 November 2018
5 Reasons why the PHILIPPINES is AWESOME!
Why visiting Philippines is a MUST!...
14 November 2018
Let's Go Fishing!
Fishing with Packist...
09 November 2018
Packist 11.11 SALE OFFER Is Coming Near You!
Travel to save, save and SAVE!...
07 November 2018
10 MUST-VISIT Attractions in SINGAPORE
Wonderful world of Singapore!...
02 November 2018
8 TOP things to do in SEOUL!
Favourite things to do in Seoul...
30 October 2018
Koh Samui Flights Included Vacation Packages at Unbelievable Prices!
Experience the wonders of Koh Samui!...
26 October 2018
Up to 50% off on Travel Packages on Packist’s Year End Sale!
Enjoy great value and experience unique travel pac . . .
18 October 2018
Connect Home. Everywhere
Attention all travellers!...
16 October 2018
Here’s Why This Awesome Giant Hand Bridge in Vietnam is AWESOME
Why a bridge can be so awesome...
09 October 2018
Why you MUST visit VIETNAM?
Why Vietnam? Here's why...
05 October 2018
European Natural Landmarks That Will Take Your Breath Away!
Wonderful world...
02 October 2018
Malaysia is home to beauty...
28 September 2018
TOP 5 Places to SHOP in Bangkok
Find your own shopping paradise...
25 September 2018
Luxury at Amazing Prices with Genting Dream Cruise
All Aboard on Genting Dream Cruise...
21 September 2018
Most Beautiful Universities in the World!
Beauty in education...
18 September 2018
Top things you can do in Ipoh
Some of the top attractions at Ipoh...
13 September 2018
FINAL CALL! SAVE on Travel with Packist Fair!
Don't miss out on GREAT travel deals!..
11 September 2018
4 AMAZING Places to Visit in Japan!
Awesome stuff from Packist Fair!...
07 September 2018
Packist Fair 2018 Has Arrived!
The biggest online travel promotional event in Mal . . .
04 September 2018
Experience Encore Melaka
Ready to put Malacca on the Cultural Map...
30 August 2018
TOP 3 Things you can do on MERDEKA Day
Let's enjoy Merdeka Day to its fullest!...
28 August 2018
Get your best deals yet!...
23 August 2018
Our Third Home Build!
With love, sweat and tears...
16 August 2018
4 World’s Most UNIQUE Spa Therapies
Most luxurious and UNIQUE...
14 August 2018
5 World’s HARDEST Countries to Visit
Hard doesn't mean impossible...
07 August 2018
What is Wellness Tourism?
Wellness is more than just a fad...
31 July 2018
Scuba Diving in Bali, Pemuteran!
Your underwater adventure is around the corner...
24 July 2018
7-Elevens Around the World!
Many different countries - many different 7-11s...
19 July 2018
10 Animals only found in Australia! (Part 2)
Awesome animals. Only in Australia!...
17 July 2018
10 Animals only found in Australia! (Part 1)
Animals found ONLY in Australia...
29 June 2018
Club Med Tomamu Resort: A Japanese Summer Experience
Enjoying the Club Med spirit, Hokkaido style...
22 June 2018
Perhentian Island a Perfect Romantic Getaway
Your Most Romantic Moments Awaits...
14 June 2018
How do Malaysians celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri?
Selamat Hari Raya from!...
12 June 2018
Why you MUST visit Lombok
A perfect eden-like island paradise...
07 June 2018
Top things you can do in Langkawi
Jewel of Kedah is a treasure, discover its best…
05 June 2018
Let's go to Legoland!
Exciting, captivating and awesome family fun...
28 May 2018
Wesak Day in Malaysia 2018
Want to know more about Wesak Day? Find out here.. . . .
22 May 2018
AWESOME Ramadan Bazaars in Kuala Lumpur
Here are some amazing Ramadan Bazaars...
14 May 2018
Best Rides for THRILL-SEEKERS in Universal Studios Singapore
Thrill-seekers, your best trip ever is here...
04 May 2018
We built a home! AGAIN!
Story of our (2nd!) home build...
03 May 2018
Teaser: We built a second home in just three days!
Opening Minds, Changing Lives...
02 May 2018
What's so great about Santorini?
Dramatic views and refreshing ocean breezes...
19 April 2018
Packist EPIC Home Builders Basic Workshop
Skills of Building, made fun...
13 April 2018
Historic Paradise called Cebu
For History, Beach and Culture loving travellers.. . . .
10 April 2018
Wildlife, Culture and Heritage of Batang Ai
Natural and Cultural sanctuary of Sarawak awaits.. . . .
29 March 2018
Best late night attractions in Kuala Lumpur
Summoning all night-owls! Have a blast in KL...
27 March 2018
Welcome aboard the Symphony of the Seas
What happens on the Western Mediterranean cruise?. . . .
12 March 2018
Top things to do in Krabi
Experience the best of Krabi...
08 March 2018
Why visit Milford Sound in New Zealand?
8th Wonder of the World? For good reason...
01 March 2018
Places you must visit before you turn 25
Experiences you need while you're young...
21 February 2018
Nature and Heritage of Phuket
Soft sand beaches, vibrant atmosphere, tourist hot . . .
14 February 2018
Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year at Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok. . . .
13 February 2018
Top 3 Most Romantic Destinations for Valentine's Day 2018
Valentine's Day made special when you escape to...
09 February 2018
Bali, an Indonesian Cultural Island Paradise
Bali, the Island of Gods, a Cultural Paradise...
05 February 2018
Hokkaido's Blossoming Spring
Japan's Natural, National Treasure...
23 January 2018
Experience the Wonders of Italy
Explore Venice, Rome and Vatican City...
22 January 2018
Anti-Ageing Beauty Retreat by Mary Wong
We came. We relaxed. We lived...
19 January 2018
‘Opening Minds, Changing Lives’
Build a Home for Orang Asli by Packist X SEAM...
01 January 2018
Top 5 Places to Travel in 2018
195 Countries in the World, let us make it easy...
20 December 2017
Christmas in Sydney? Heres why.
Have your best Christmas yet...

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