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Travel Tips & Tricks

13 June 2019
5 Green Travel Tips Everyone Should Follow
Because we love Mother Nature!
03 June 2019
Put These 3 Destinations on Your List this Raya Holiday!
Where to celebrate Hari Raya?
30 May 2019
5 Beautiful Retreats in Malaysia You Should Visit
Because you deserve it!
27 May 2019
7 Essential Tips for Safe Travels Abroad
Stay safe on your trip!
22 May 2019
Top 10 Places to View Mount Fuji in Japan
The Best Views in Town
20 May 2019
5 Adventurous Things to Do in Thailand
A Bucket List for Thrill-Seekers
17 May 2019
5 Things to Do on a Wellness Retreat
How to Unwind on Vacation
29 April 2019
The #KonMari Steps of Packing A Suitcase To Travel Tidy
Travel tidy by packing with the Kon Mari method
26 April 2019
Discover Best Road Trip Places In Malaysia and Music for Sing-Alongs!
Places and musics for road trip
24 April 2019
5 Interesting Facts on Wellness Travel
Wellness Travel make your entire trip an adventure . . .
22 April 2019
Tips for maintaining your healthy weight while travelling!
Live a healthier lifestyle while travelling!
19 April 2019
Things You Should Do Before You Turn 30 .
Lots of things you should try before you turn 30.
17 April 2019
Islands in Malaysia that you might have not been to yet..
islands, Malaysia
15 April 2019
Hanoi vs Saigon: Which City is Better?
You won't regret it!
12 April 2019
Pocket Wifi: All that you need to know about it!
Here's what you need to know about Pocket Wifi and . . .
10 April 2019
Beijing or Shanghai: Where to go for your next holiday in China.
Maybe this city is the best destination for you... . . .
08 April 2019
5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur for your next holiday!
Here is why...
05 April 2019
Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City: where should you visit first?
A first wise choice!
01 April 2019
Penang vs. Malacca – Which One to Visit?
Take your pick!
29 March 2019
Palawan vs Boracay - Which is a better beach destination?
Here's what we think...
25 March 2019
What are the things you need to know before traveling to Tibet
Tibet - Precautions.
18 March 2019
Wanna try something different in Hong Kong? It’s no longer the shopping heaven!
Hong Kong islands - unknown places.
15 March 2019
Six beauty products you should buy when you visit South Korea
Korean Makeup anyone?
13 March 2019
10 Incredible Places You Didn’t Know Existed in Malaysia
Experience the hidden!
11 March 2019
Did you know that in Wuhan, you won’t have the same breakfast twice for a month? This is not fake news!
Wuhan, the breakfast city.
08 March 2019
Six beauty products you should buy when you visit China
Make ups, China brand
06 March 2019
Amazing Islands In Vietnam You Should Know About
Discover Vietnam's Underrated Islands!
27 February 2019
5 Filipinos Beauty Hacks YOU SHOULD KNOW - According to Filipinos
Hack a Filipino Beauty !
25 February 2019
Top 5 Underrated Destinations in Indonesia
Revealing more than just a paradise
22 February 2019
5 Hidden Gems in The Philippines
Discover the hidden places!
20 February 2019
10 Unique Things You Can Do In Hanoi
Travelling beyond normal
18 February 2019
Three Hidden Places in China that you need to know!
Hidden Places, China
16 February 2019
Luxe Stay: 5 Premium Wellness Resort in Malaysia
Luxe Stay in Malaysia
15 February 2019
9 Amazing Reasons to Visit Sabah - The Land Below The Wind
The Majestic Kinabalu
14 February 2019
Things To Do On Valentine's Day For Singles
The single girl's Valentine's Day
13 February 2019
No idea for a Valentine Gift? Check it out!!
Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts that girls wants.
13 February 2019
10 facts about Bali you didn’t know about
A Fact You Should Believe!
07 February 2019
5 Indonesian Beauty Brands You Need To Buy ASAP
The definition of Indonesian Beauty Tips!
06 February 2019
The five must-eat places in Chengdu during Chinese new year
Fill your appetite in Chengdu
04 February 2019
The things that you have to try to do during Chinese new year
Try things like a local Chinese
30 January 2019
Guide to Chinese New Year in Malaysia
A guide to an unforgettable experience!
28 January 2019
6 Things To Do During Chinese New Year In Kuala Lumpur
Experience the best out of your CNY celebration in . . .
23 January 2019
Top 10 Chinese New Year destinations for Malaysian families
A perfect getaway for your CNY holiday
21 January 2019
How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Vietnam like a Local
Celebrate a merry new year like a local
18 January 2019
Boracay Reopens With Surprising News
Learn more about the 'new' Boracay!
16 January 2019
5 Vietnamese Beauty Brands You Need To Have NOW
Vietnamese Wonders of Beauty
10 January 2019
6 Skin Care Local Products You Need To Buy In Malaysia - Editor's Picks
Fascinating Malaysian Beauty Products!
09 January 2019
Amazing Places in Bali for your Instaworthy Post
A Unique Shot For Your Gram!
07 January 2019
5 Honest Reason on Why Vietnam is a Perfect Place for Eco-tourism
Discover the Wonders of Vietnam's Nature
02 January 2019
Best Places to visit for your New Year, New You experiences
Discovering a new you!
01 January 2019
Why 'Travelling' should be your New Year's Resolution
New Year , New Me
19 December 2018
7 EASY STEPS to AVOID getting SICK while you travel
Explore your paradise without illness!...
30 November 2018
5 BEST Muslim-Friendly Travel Destinations in Asia!
Travel with no hassle!...
28 November 2018
5 Reasons why travelling will change your life
Best reasons to travel...
13 November 2018
8 Things you should know before traveling to Thailand
When in Thailand, do as Thais do!...
19 October 2018
12 Tips Before You Travel Internationally
EPIC tips to make your travels easier...
09 August 2018
10 TOP Tips For Healthy Travelling
Travelling healthy isn't hard!...
05 July 2018
8 NEED-To-Knows Before Your Perth Adventure
Going to Perth? Here are some essential tips...
01 June 2018
How you can make lifelong friends while travelling
Making icebreaking easy during your travels...
08 May 2018
Preparation guide for Universal Studios Singapore
Your best trip ever awaits you...
25 April 2018
ESSENTIAL tips for Rainforest Adventures
Follow these tips and never be unprepared again...
06 April 2018
5 TOP tips for travelling to Japan
Foreign country? Not a problem...
13 March 2018
How to pack your luggage like a pro
Packing easier with Packist...
06 March 2018
Top Phone Photography Tips
Taking perfect photos with your phone...
22 February 2018
Tips to having a comfortable plane ride
Tiresome and exhausting? Not anymore...
15 February 2018
Bargaining, an art and how it is done
At touristy shops, street stores, flea markets...
29 January 2018
How to plan your next trip
Research and Planning Guide...
15 January 2018
Packing Guide When Travelling to Krabi
Get the best out of Krabi, pack the right things.. . . .
29 December 2017
How to best experience South Korea
Visiting South Korea? Read this...

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