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12 August 2019
5 Unique Travel Shows You Can Watch on Netflix Today
Get popcorn and get comfy!
05 August 2019
Let’s get artsy! Discover Malaysia’s Best 5 Aesthetically Pleasing Street Full of Arts
Grab your cameras, because we are going to explore . . .
01 August 2019
It’s Time For.. GLAMPING. Here’s Top 5 Glamping Spots in Malaysia!
Ladies, call your girlfriends, pack your bag, beca . . .
14 July 2019
Taiwanese Grandpa Saves His Home by Turning it into a Colourful Instagram Paradise
A must-see in Taiwan!
01 July 2019
Explore LINE Village Bangkok - the Most Instagrammable Place in Thailand!
And it’s cute to boot!
08 May 2019
Spiritual Journey: Uncovering Asia’s Places of Religion & Culture
Embark on your spiritual journey by uncovering Asi . . .
01 May 2019
Wellness Retreat at The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort Berjaya Hills, Pahang, Malaysia
Re-energize at The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness
26 April 2019
Discover Best Road Trip Places In Malaysia and Music for Sing-Alongs!
Places and musics for road trip
18 April 2019
4 Attractions You Must See In The New World’s Best Airport - Changi Jewel Airport!
Changi Jewel Airport is the new world's best airpo . . .
09 November 2018
Packist 11.11 SALE OFFER Is Coming Near You!
Travel to save, save and SAVE!...
26 October 2018
Up to 50% off on Travel Packages on Packist’s Year End Sale!
Enjoy great value and experience unique travel pac . . .
23 October 2018
WIN a FREE GIFT on Packist Journal’s 100th Post!
100 is cause to celebrate!
18 October 2018
Connect Home. Everywhere
Attention all travellers!...
13 September 2018
FINAL CALL! SAVE on Travel with Packist Fair!
Don't miss out on GREAT travel deals!..
07 September 2018
Packist Fair 2018 Has Arrived!
The biggest online travel promotional event in Mal . . .
28 August 2018
Get your best deals yet!...
21 August 2018
Non-Melting Ice Cream in Japan?!
Ice cream that doesn't melt!...
02 August 2018
Jeff's Cellar Most Magnificent Bar in the World?
CNN has crowned some of the World's best...
03 July 2018
Fans Cleaning Up After World Cup Matches
Let's learn from one another...
25 June 2018
Slovenia: Bee-Tourism is a Thing?!
Bee-Tourism is awesome! Slovenia shows us why...
13 June 2018
Cycling Shimanami 2018
On your mark, get set, CYCLE!...
30 May 2018
Rainbow Wave of 5000 Flip-Flops
Your lost flip-flop may be in this art exhibition. . . .
16 May 2018
Travel blogger that was once an investment banker?!
Life is short. Explore the world...
16 April 2018
Dazzling India Spring Carnival at Taipei Main Station
Indian Dance, Traditional Cuisine and much more...
21 March 2018
Magical Disney cruise from Rome
Disney lovers, cruise lovers, travel lovers...
05 March 2018
New Zealand’s hidden luxury caving escape
Underground luxury hotel amenities?...
27 February 2018
Why Thor wants you to visit Australia
Australia, home to Thor, home to you...
16 February 2018
Meet Xiang Xiang the Giant Panda baby cub
Ueno Zoo's new star, a panda cub...
27 January 2018
Bangkok, Thailand launches its first Design Week
Thai Culture and Art...
24 January 2018
Southern Taiwan Ranked 2018 ‘Destinations on the Rise’
Southern Taiwan? On the Rise...
12 January 2018
About Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
Cloaks of gorgeous white, smooth snow...

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