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European Natural Landmarks That Will Take Your Breath Away!

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Posted on 05 October 2018


This world is a beautiful place. This blog will show you some of Europe's most jaw-dropping, breath-taking natural landmarks.

England’s Land’s End

The Land’s End is the westernmost tip of mainland Cornwall and is one of Britain’s most beloved natural landmark treasure due to its beauty and tranquility. The spectacular views afforded by the stunning coastline is second to none. As you marvel the stunning Celtic Sea whilst walking along the awesome cliff - the views of the magnificent sea arch, the caves and coves display a scenery that is truly one of a kind.

Via: visitcornwall

Germany’s Black Forest

Germany’s own misty Black Forest has sights like something from a horror fairy tale. These dense woods are situated along the Rhine River in Baden-Württemberg, Germany’s third largest state. Dozens of lakes, stunning scenery and a number of historic towns, this German Black Forest is easily one of the most gorgeous and relaxing places in all of Germany.

Via: bavarianclockworks

Scotland’s Isle of Skye

Scotland’s second largest island is a magical place of valleys, rolling mountain ranges, coastlines and a immersive atmosphere. Sometimes known as the ‘cloud island’ due to the misty climate – the weather, accompanied by the age-old rock formations such as the sharp Old Man of Storr pinnacles, make this a place that will surely take all explorer’s breaths away.

Via: unusualplaces

Switzerland’s Swiss Alps

One of the most popular natural landmarks in the world. The Swiss Alps is home to one of the world’s largest mountain ranges - covering 65% of Switzerland and making this one of the most alpine countries in Europe. It is hard to believe but these mountains were formed over 45 million years ago and have some of the highest peaks in all of Europe. Today, it comes to no surprise, nature-loving enthusiasts from all over the world flock over to these Swiss Alps to hike, ski and paraglide.

Via: holidayme

Italy’s Capri’s Blue Grotto

Italy’s Capri’s Blue Grotto is one of Italy’s most incredible, vibrant blue hues visible within the cave. This unique effect is a result of the sunlight passing through deep waters of the cave and shining back up through the water; ultimately illuminating the cavern. The mouth of the sea is only a meter high so visitors are allowed to enter the Blue Grotto through small boats when the tide permits!

Via: popsugar


Let's explore the world and all its wonders. Stay tuned for our next blog entry on Europe's most stunning natural landmarks. Click here to find out more and book your travel experience today.

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