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Connect Home. Everywhere

Attention all travellers!...

Posted on 18 October 2018

Connect Home. Everywhere

Attention all travellers! We have great news for you! We had recently started offering Pocket WiFi as part of our one-stop-shop travel platform to make your travelling even easier! So if you’re going on your travel experience, you can easily connect back home. Everywhere.

Via: 2bearbear

Here is how it works.

1) Book online using your travel destination and travelling period

2) No deposit is needed for Malaysian Citizens

3) Pick up at KLIA 1 or 2

4) Go to your travel destination with ready 4G high-speed internet access!

5) Connect up to 5 devices!

6) Unlimited data if you’re travelling to Japan, South Korea & Taiwan.

7) Enjoy up to 12-hours of internet access on a full charge

8) Avoid the stress and hassle of connecting online and book your own 4G Pocket WiFi now!

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