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12 Tips Before You Travel Internationally

EPIC tips to make your travels easier...

Posted on 19 October 2018

Travelling Internationally

Travelling internationally isn’t rocket science. But we have 12 epic tips here to make your preparations even easier!

Security & Health

1) Check up with your doctor and insurance provider to make sure that you have the proper vaccinations and all essential policy coverages. Also, you will want to ask if your medical insurance applies to any emergencies overseas. If it doesn’t you may want to consider supplementing your insurance.

2) Bring copies of your passport. This is so that if you lose your passport you can still prove your citizenship and have a easier time getting back home. It will also be a good idea to keep a soft-copy of your passport in your email too.  


3) Check your conversion rates to avoid shock. Understand the value of the money in the country abroad to get a better feel of how much you can spend daily, according to your budget. You can also download an app to make this easier for yourself when calculating currency exchange.

4) Check to see if your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting.

5) If you’re looking to pull out cash, go to the bank or ATM in the country you’re visiting. Avoid changing money in the airport or around the city because the exchange rates will definitely stray far from your favour.

6) Always keep local cash with you, this is because not everyone will have a credit card or debit card machine. Also, let your bank know about where you’re going. This will prevent security functions being triggered when making any payments overseas.


7) If you know where you want to visit. Skip the long queues, plan and book your trip early on. You can even find amazing deals when you do this.

8) Use plenty of guidebooks, travel blogs and other travel materials to help you make choices when you plan your trip. Look out for some awesome event too, like festivals and ceremonies. Other things you can research include understanding cultural customs and cuisine.


9) When you go overseas, be sure to check that your powerplugs can be used in another country. If not, universal travel adapters can help remedy this issue!

10) Have your pocket wifi ready for when you reach. This is to avoid all the hassle or struggle when getting access to be connected to home.

Luggage & Packing

11) Pack appropriately. If you’re going to the beach, bring beach essentials like sunblock, swimwear and sandals. If you’re going somewhere cold, bring plenty of layers and jackets to keep warm. Remember also to keep some space in your bag so you can easily bring home some souvenirs!

12) Bring some snacks from home. If you’re travelling you might get hungry and would want to have some of your favourite snacks, so keep your costs low by having prepared some snacks from home.

To Make Things EVEN Easier

Why not use as your one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. We can help with arranging your travel experiences, travel visas, pocket wifi and travel insurance. Hassle-free and worryless travel experiences when you use!


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