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‘Opening Minds, Changing Lives’

Build a Home for Orang Asli by Packist X SEAM...

Posted on 19 January 2018

As the day ended with a sunset, ‘Opening Minds, Changing Lives’ was what we energetically chanted while we celebrated our accomplishments in building a home for Wah Lindong and her family at Kampung Geruntum Ulu.

Wah Lindong is 82 years old and is one of the oldest members of her village. She forages the forest nearby and cares for her grandchildren. Living in a small, overcrowded, dark and hot environment; Wah Lindong’s home posed severe living conditions for her and her family.

It all began with us arriving behind a cargo lorry, determined and excited to commence building.

After a short re-briefing session, we got right down to work.  

As soon as the materials were prepared, we put it all together. For the foundations, we used a strong metal frame while wood is laid down to make the sturdy flooring, walls and ceiling. 

For the roof, we set metals down to ensure that the structure is built to last and is ready for our notorious Malaysian monsoon seasons. We even attached a drainage system to help with this. 

We added some finishing touches by colouring the home with a light, lively blue and white paint. Finally, we completed the home with some floral art bordering the patio. 

We couldn’t help but smile as we handed over the house key to Wah Lindong. We were so ecstatic to be able to make her and her family happy. 

’Building a home, meeting new people, positively impacting the lives of a family and a community. These are just a few of the things we had done in a mere 3 days. All in all, this was an impactful experience not just for Wah Lindong and her family, but also for the Orang Asli community and all of us involved.’ said Mr. Leo Yao, President of SEAM. 

Our team was very excited to commemorate our time in Kampung Geruntum Ulu by attaching our plaque on the home’s front-door. ‘We will truly miss this experience. We hope that our efforts will continue to inspire others, help spread kindness and awareness, and ultimately change lives - one home at a time.’ said our Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jesnin Kee.

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