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Posted on 14 November 2018


Introduction to the fishing life

2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur we drove out and reached a fishing village with warm smiles and welcoming sentiments from the Village Head. He greeted us free drinks which we could not refuse! As we waited for everyone to join us, we laid under the shade of the hut exposing ourselves to awesome cooling breezes.

The Village Head commenced with a short introduction of the village. Whilst we were brought around the area by him and his son, we had a quick glimpse to their work. As we delved deeper, we were introduced to a sweet older woman, sitting at her corner doing her work, using a sieve to make dried shrimp. She explained the process of how it is done. The Village Head’s son, Jack, showed us how to catch crabs just by using a local crab pot made from wire rings, nylon rope and a plastic bottle attached enable it to float.

All aboard!

On the rustic yet comfortable fisherman boat, we enjoyed the chill breezes and the surrounding views of the beautiful mangrove trees on both sides. As we gazed behind, we see plenty of seabirds fly behind the sailing boat; turns out seabirds do this because the flow of air that picks up from the movement of the boat makes it easier for the birds to catch their waterbound prey.

Crab Fishing

We laid our crab pots down to the bottom of  the estuary and tracked them down with green plastic bottles floating at the top. The Village Head then took another 15 minutes to sail out to open sea where we were given a chance to try our luck in catching clams using a net that was hooked to a 6 feet tall stick at the bottom of the boat. Between us, we managed to catch a couple of clams but when the Village Head showed us how it was supposed to be done, he managed to catch a net full of clams!

After experiencing the life of a fisherman, we were taken to see one of the most beautiful sceneries you would only believe to be found on National Geographic. A flock of different seabirds and migratory wading birds dancing over the water surface and soaring through the clouds alongside its friends.

On the way back to the fisherman village, we retrieved our crab pots and cheered and clapped in pleasant surprise and excitement as we had caught a total of 8 crabs!

Fresh Seafood!

To end our awesome evening, the locals deliciously cooked what we caught on that day, fresh clams and crabs for everyone! We were even given steamed prawns they had freshly caught earlier that morning. We washed it all down with fresh coconut.

Meet Jack, Your Local Guide To Fishing Village

Jack has an endearing passion for fishing and building awareness about his tight-knit fishing village. Jack loves to share his knowledge and experience on the daily life of a fisherman. Alongside his father, the Village Head, you can learn and try to catch crabs and clams out on the coast on a traditional fishing boat!

Watch this!

We all had loads of fun and loved getting to know the villagers well. Overall, this was an unforgettable experience, so watch below to see for yourself!


Click here to support and experience the life of a local fisherman!

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