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Top 7 Most Underrated Travel Countries in Europe

European Underdogs...

Posted on 23 November 2018

European Underdogs

Countless people have gone to Europe to explore its wonders. But, there are many hidden gems within Europe that have not been publicised or given its due commendations. Here are 7 of the most underrated travel countries in Europe! 


Arguably, Poland is home to awesome foods and drinks that have been said to be ‘better’ than its Germanic neighbours. Rich in historic prominence, Poland invites its guests to step into its past, here, you can explore the stories and developments Poland has had.

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When you’re in Poland a visit to Krakow is a must. This beautiful town is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world for its stunning town square, architecture and Wawel Castle. From pierogis to cobblestone roads, Poland is always ready to amaze.   

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Andorra is not only one of the coolest countries to visit if you’re a political science nerd, but the country offers some of the very best skiing experiences in all of Europe.

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If you’re in love with winter sports and would love to check out what a phenomenal winter getaway looked like. If you’d like to see more, you could jump on a 4WD and head up the mountains to observe the romantic, expansive views of the mountain ranges that make up Andorra.

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Dip your toes into the Black Sea or run through fields upon fields of golden sunflowers. Bulgaria offers some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe. It is also a very cheap country to visit. Bulgaria is a perfect place for those looking to explore beautiful beaches or an awesome weekend getaway.

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A perfect combination of awe-inspiring beaches, lagoons and captivating natural setting. So if you’re a beach-lover, Malta is your paradise to be.

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Here you can explore the stunning underwater worlds, sunbathe on the beach or go cliff jumping as much as you like. A perfect summer destination!

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Culture, delicious food, awesome people and unbelievable natural landscapes. Being home to the some of the most inspiring mountains in the world, the Alps, Austria offers a plethora of ski resorts and hostels at a much cheaper price in comparison to its Swiss neighbours.

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So spend a day or two in Vienna and head out to fall in absolute love with the Alps.

Via: travelonthebrain


This small island country hosts plenty of beachside attractions and ancient landmarks that will undoubtedly inspire you. If you love castles, you have to visit the St. Hilarion Castle which sits atop the mountains of the coast.

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You could choose to hang out at the beach with a refreshing drink in your hand, over the Larnaca in Cyprus’ southeast coast.

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Ever heard of Dracula? - Well, castles and this fascinating tale of Dracula the Impaler can be found here in this underrated country of Romania. Here you will find some of the most interesting and fascinating castles in all of Europe.

Via: worldtravelguide

Bran castle is the iconic landmark that inspired the tale of Dracula and is a must-see when you’re in Romania. Apart from castles, you can find stunning mountains and hills that also have deep tales to tell.

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