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5 Honest Reason on Why Vietnam is a Perfect Place for Eco-tourism

Discover the Wonders of Vietnam's Nature

Posted on 07 January 2019

5 Honest Reason on Why Vietnam is a Perfect Place for Eco-tourism


If you're in love with nature and you're dreaming of escaping the bustling city life, Vietnam is the place for you.

Have you ever sat in your office, sipping on your cup of joe and wondered how it was like to travel in VietnamObject If you need a well-deserved getaway from your tedious work routine and a nature-adventure lover, here are the 5 places in Vietnam to fuel in your adrenaline.


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5. Ma Pi Leng Pass

Known as Vietnam's final frontier, its visitor are given an exceptional view of towering mountains in the northern reaches of Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng Pass is famous for its scenic view of mountains and vibrant greenery. Here, you will experience meeting people from a very distinct culture that you will never get to find anywhere else in this world.

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4. Son Doong Cave 

It's not an ordinary cave, Son Doong Cave boasts to be the world's largest cave consisting of multiple environments for you to explore throughout your adventure. Not only that it's unique for its landscape, you're able to explore jungles along with rivers that can float you down, giant flowstone towers and its internal atmospheric system. This could be your chance to fulfill your list of "Amazing Hike You Must Do Before You Hit The Bucket"


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3. Muong Hoa Valley

 Famous for its unique cultures of many tribes such as the Hmong, Red Dzao, and Phu La ethnic groups. Here, you can experience authentic cultural lifestyle indulging local cuisines with the view of a beautiful fold of rice terraces. Get the opportunity of hiking alongside with a breathtaking scenery whilst enjoy the exceptional stay at village houses which you can't experience this anywhere in Southeast Asia.

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2. Ban Gioc Waterfall

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Vietnam boasts for its exquisite view of pristine blue water and the widest waterfall existed in the country. Stand at the foot of the waterfall, take the pleasure of feeling the cooling atmosphere from the dense water vapor that will indulge you to the paradise of relaxation and freshness!

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1. Ha Long Bay

 Boasts as the 7 Wonders of the World, consisting of 20,000 limestone islands and karsts emerging from the amazing pristine blue water! Not only you can get to enjoy the exceptional view of Ha Long Bay, you can also indulge yourself in adrenaline activities such as kayaking, climbing, trekking or maybe just a taste of relaxation, sun tanning by the beach.

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Those tickets aren't going to buy themselves... what are you waiting for? Grab your passports because Vietnam is waiting for you at its doorstep!

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