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5 Vietnamese Beauty Brands You Need To Have NOW

Vietnamese Wonders of Beauty

Posted on 16 January 2019

5 Vietnamese Beauty Brands You Need To Have NOW

VIETNAMESE beauty brands may not be something people talk about every day… and this is why we are here to tell you about it! Everyone wants toxic-free beauty products and this is why you should indulge yourself in Vietnamese beauty brands.



Need to pamper your skin while travelling in Vietnam? These are the 5 Vietnamese beauty products you need to get your hands on.


5. Stone Hill

To the cocoa lovers out there, this is the product for you! Stone Hill provides high amount of antioxidants which hydrates your skin, prevent the effects of free radicals and radiates your youthfulness!

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Stone Hill products contains pure, authentic elements and cultivates cocoa from their own organic farm in Dong Nai Province - producing only quality cocoa butter. You can try out their facial scrubs, moisturizers, body butter and their trademark soap - for skin types that are prone to acne and for skin exfoliation.


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Need it ASAP? You can find it at Authentic Home, Autumn Deli and Livincollective or simply click here.


4.The Herbal Cup

Oath to bring the best ingredients to consumers which their products derived from 100% locally-grown ingredients such as Gac fruit oil, tea tree leaves, centella, tomato and sesame.

The Herbal Cup is a rapid expanding natural beauty brand produces body lotions, scrubs, masks, cleansing gels and lipsticks!

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Facial stressed? No worries! You can try their specialized signature products like the pine and orange oil wax - claimed to improve sleep. The Herbal Cup provides free skin care consultation for a more effective result for your skin needs!

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Excited to try? You can get one at SHOWROOM CHÍNH or you can purchase it here.


3. A Banker’s Secret

YES - this is THE banker’s secret! -Said Quynh the Founder of The Banker’s Secret and has background in banking. A Banker’s Secret has expanded into various range of product categories including pomade, cream oil, essential oil, scrubs and masks which is a must-have product for those with sensitive and oily skin.

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All Banker’s Secret products are pH balanced - reduces skin complications such as dermatitis, eczema and rosacea, safest product ever made! Check out their standout items such as the hand creams, rosehip seed oil and ginger shine scrub.


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For more info on their products, you can visit their website here.


2. Skinna

A beauty secret tips gathered from a royal lineage - uses natural ingredients such as eggs and curcuma as a mask to exfoliate the skin. Skinna centers on nourishing healthy and glowing skin with their products made with organic ingredients.

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Skinna consists of an enormous list of quality products for different skin types - includes cleansing, serum, body creams, lip care and makeup. A consciously produced product that’s perfect for your skin care needs!


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You can purchase yours at Showroom Skinna and Skinna Skin Care Clinic at Ho Chi Minh CITY or simply visit here.


1.Nau Nau

A 4-year old beauty brand which offers an enormous range of beauty and skin care products made from ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, peanut butter and floras like Turkish rose, lily of the valley and lavender of Provence.

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The brand’s signature products are their Zodiac perfumes - each of one of the 12 astrological signs - essential oils and hydrating lip balms season collections.


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You can find their store locator here or simply purchase their products here.


Need not to say, Vietnamese beauty product is a MUST-HAVE product in your list-to-buy in Vietnam! These products might be the solution to your skin needs - you just have to try it out!


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