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Boracay Reopens With Surprising News

Learn more about the 'new' Boracay!

Posted on 18 January 2019

Boracay Reopens With Surprising News

Boracay took 6 months to rehabilitate from the damages due to mass tourism and environmental mismanagement.Have you been waiting for Boracay to reopen? Well, grab your passport now because it just did recently!

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BUT... it’s more than just a soft reopening -  and that’s why we’re here to tell you more about it. Every place that reopen has to come with new rules, right? - So does Boracay!New rules has been established in Boracay which is highlighted below:

1.No Partying / Drinking

2.No Weddings

3.Water sports are only allowed in the correct zone

4.No littering

5.No BBQ on the beach




Shocked? Yes - we are too! But don’t worry as we are here to help you on your Boracay journey.These are the IMPORTANT things YOU SHOULD KNOW about the new Boracay:


1. Hotels

Take into account of staying only at compliant and accredited hotels and establishments It means the hotels are in accordance with the rules and regulations and have been accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Interior and Local Government and Department of Tourism.


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To avoid further issues, make sure to check the list of accredited hotels here - it is advisable so that there’ll be no hassles and you can fully enjoy your holiday there.


2.Be Super Eco-friendly

YES! YOU HAVE TO - and we’re serious about it. Single-use plastics are now banned in Boracay.  Single-use or disposable plastic items by hotels, resorts, restaurants and other establishments is prohibited - a BIG NO-NO!

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It is advisable to bring or buy your own reusable bags, cups, straws, containers - to avoid getting fine. Katsa (canvas) bags will be a good alternative to use which you can purchase it there at D’Mall, E Mall, Plazoleta and City Mall or simply click here to purchase your own before the trip.


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WAIT! There’s more! Expect only eco-friendly transportation options in Boracay. Starting January 2019,  the fare will be PHP 300 (24 MYR) for a three-day unlimited ride. You can either use smart card or beep card to pay for the ride.


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However, senior citizens or person with disabilities and minors below the age of 12 will be entitled to free rides. There’s another ride-hailing company , Hirna - transport serves provider.This company will assist you to get a ride on a electric-tricycles (e-tricke)

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3. Outdoor Activities

Yes you heard the news! - Most water sports are banned in Boracay. Well, don’t feel disappointed! There’s tons of adventurous activities you can indulge yourself into.

i. White Water Rafting

If you’re an adrenaline junky - brace yourself ! Experience an activity that spikes up your adrenaline - keep your balance in check and paddle as hard as you can!

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ii. Zipline and Cable Car Adventure

Love  heights? This is a great way to explore the new and improved island from the top - you can witness a scenic view of the island by hopping on their cable car adventure or simply enjoy the zip-line for an instant view of the island.

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iii. Island Mermaid Swimming and Photography Class

Indulge your inner mermaid spirit! You can choose various tail colors to get your own Little Mermaid experience in real life. Learn basic diving poses by gliding through the water like a mermaid - this one hour activity will be worth to try!

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Packed your bags yet? Boracay is definitely better than ever!

Fulfill your vacation with a simple dose of Vitamin Sea, enjoy swimming in their pristine ocean water and get yourself some good tanning at their sunny beach.




It’s time to surround yourself in a stress free environment - set yourself a soft blanket by the silky-soft sand, dip your toes into the water, breathe in the refreshing sea breeze while hearing the calming waves of the sea.


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