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7 Ways to Celebrate an Awesome Christmas in Malaysia

Enjoy Christmas with

Posted on 24 December 2018


Hey! It’s Christmas! It is the perfect time to celebrate with your loved ones and appreciate all the loving memories you share with each other! Here is a list of some of the best things you could do in Malaysia during Christmas-time!

1. Decorate a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree can be one of the most festive and engaging things you can do with your family during Christmas. Plus, who doesn’t love the Christmas-vibe that the Christmas tree brings to home?

2. Gift-giving!

Exchanging gifts can be a great way to bond with people you know and love. It could make someone’s day that much better and more  enjoyable.

3. Have a Christmas Eve Dinner with Family

Enjoy a delicious meal with family on Christmas Eve.

​4. Take Pictures of Christmas Deco in Shopping Mall

Shopping malls all over the country will without a doubt offer some truly splendid sights and attractions as part of their Christmas decorations. Take some memorable photos and cherish these awesome moments, forever!

​5. Travel to Highlands

It’s a sweet, simple and cooling idea. You can enjoy any one of the few favourite Highlands like Cameron Highland, Genting Highlands, Fraser Hill, Bukit Tinggi, Bukit Larut and so on. Enjoy the breathtaking views and breezes, and have yourself a very swell Christmas!

​6. Go For Ice Skating

Malaysia doesn’t see winter. But you can still enjoy some of the awesome winter activities like ice-skating. You can enjoy ice skating at either Sunway Pyramid or iOi, Putrajaya. Once you’re done with shopping, take your loved ones on a winter wonderland experience… On Ice!

​7. Shop for Year-end Sales

Shop til you drop! This is something you should really do during the year-end period because you won’t get better deals than during this time!

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