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10 facts about Bali you didn’t know about

A Fact You Should Believe!

Posted on 13 February 2019

10 facts about Bali you didn’t know about

Bali, the island of Gods is grounded with ecological richness, the idyllic Indonesian destination renowned among Western travelers. However, few who visit really know about Bali’s culture, history and people. For a better understanding, we’ve compiled 10 interesting facts about Bali - gathered from experts on the ground with years of experiences in planning tours in this heart-alluring destination.

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Go ahead, read the list of facts and get inspired on your trip to Bali!


1.Bali consists of  three islands

Bali isn’t just ‘one’ island, it’s a province that encompasses a handful of smaller islands congregated off Bali islands southeast coastline. Formed a small cluster of islands known as Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan which is a 20-30 minute boat road from Sanur.

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2. Ice is government regulated

Ice lovers - Sorry to say, however...

A surprising fact which the quantity of ice in Bali is controlled by local government - take note, the tap water may not be ‘dirt-free’, make sure to have hydrated water bottled with you at all times, this of course, you can buy anywhere from local shops. If you own a refillable bottle, visit ‘Refill Bali’ - one of the participating business, for a cheap or even free refills! Feels good to limit your plastic waste, isn’t it?




3. You should leave food on your plate - LITERALLY

Well only if you’re invited to a local family home - their etiquette is different, the only exception is you should never leave any part of your fresh seafood platter when in dining at a restaurant.You might experience yourself dining on the floor with no silverware - right hands are commonly use for eating and to signify you are  done with eating, leave a little bit of food on your plate.




4. Bali is actively volcanic


Yes, we’re serious about it and perhaps you have heard about it in the recent travel news. The two towering peaks of Bali, Mount Agung and Batur are far from dormant. Although you don’t have to worry, Bali’s Tourism Board will keep all travelers fully informed on the hotel managements and travel agencies on the development.

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5. The airport will be closed once a year

To celebrate ‘Nyepi’ - a Hindu celebration observed mainly in Bali as the entire island will fall in silence with all businesses closing, even airports. Known as the ‘Day of Silence’, Balinese sees an opportunity for self-reflection, and its observation is enforced by pecalang - local security officers.




6.  It’s rude in a temple to…..

1. Point at things, especially statues

2. Be improperly attired (advisable to wear clothes that covers your shoulders and legs)

3. Be loud and irrelevant

4. Have the soles of your feet pointing at the altar

5. Stand higher than the priest

6. Be visibly pregnant

7. Have an uncovered wound

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7. Tirta Empul is a MUST

This destination is a clear exception - which is worth the crowds.  This is where locals and some out-of-town pilgrims come to undergo a lengthy purification, a divine ritual that involves bathing in fresh-water springs from a series of 30 water sprouts.

The temple was founded in 962 AD - dedicated to Vishnu.

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8. Malevolent spirits are not welcome

Myriad practices is used to keep evil spirit at bay - there’s a screen behind compound gateways called an ‘aling aling’ intended to keep them out. Daily offerings of incense and food wrapped in banana leaves are presented to appease them.

You can see noisy processions and scary stone carvings on walls to frighten them off, if you’re driving pass a cemetery, don’t forget to honk your horn to scare spirits away!

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9. Rise and shine to see the dolphins!

Literally - you have to wake up super early to witness dolphins here. Fact: dolphins do not sleep in. If you want to see famed dolphins of Lovina, you’ll have to get up before dawn as most tours are scheduled to catch them in the morning when the ses are calm.




10. Monkeys have no manners - AT ALL!

Beware! If you just bought the new iPhone, keep it somewhere protected, macaque stealers are everywhere and they will go crazy especially if you have foods. Monkeys at any Bali tourist site may try to steal your bag/hat/sunglasses/food.

What you can do is appreciate them from afar and remember, smiling at them with bared teeth is a NO-NO - this signifies one to fight you.



There you go! We hope this helps you on your trip to Bali - you can tell your friends about it to.

….and you’re welcome!

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