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Why 'Travelling' should be your New Year's Resolution

New Year , New Me

Posted on 01 January 2019

Why 'Travelling' should be your New Year's Resolution

It’s that time of year again - You’ll be telling your family and friends about the “New Year, New Me” saying. Although,  it can be a tedious task to set our goals for the next 365 days, the satisfaction of reaching those goals is one of the best feeling ever.

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Here’s a new perspective - imagine yourself discovering and exploring whilst learning new cultures for the rest of the year? In return, you’ll get to learn about yourself more. We named it ‘Travelling!’  Here’s why it should be your New Year’s Resolution you must have in 2019, 2020, 2021… and it goes on and on.


1.Satisfy your sense of curiosity

It’s normal to have a sense of curiosity, but to feed that desire through exploration and continual learning - that’s the fun part!  It keeps the mind fresh and exercised, and makes you a better conversationalist when you have exciting new topics and projects to talk about!

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Traveling the world, or even just locally, is a great way to satisfy your curiosity by learning about the history, culture, people, traditions, and cuisine of a certain place. There are much more questions and curiosities that can be answered and satiated with books, but there’s so much more to be learned through rich experience.



2.Taste the world

Tasting the world is one of everyone’s goals and it’s also the experience that’s worth to share about. The variety of flavor, texture, technique, and tradition in the world’s varying cuisines is just simply astounding, and the spread of these various cuisines by restaurants at your hometowns may be great, but what’s better than experiencing traditional recipes where it was first created?



3.Meet new people

Everyone loves immersive travel full of authentic experiences - most people love meeting new people from all over the world. Enjoy a one-on-one conversation with local experts, meet winery owners, top chefs, chocolatiers, and craftspeople.

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There’s nothing like spending a late night dinner discussing the history and architecture that surrounds us with new friends or discussing our favorite moments from the day. It might not always be the easiest to get out of your shell and ask questions, but doing so will help forge new relationships.




4.Learn more about yourself

What’s a better feeling than discovering a new skill or new interest? Trying new things like scuba diving, wine tasting, or craft-making, can give you new insights into unknown passions.

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