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9 Amazing Reasons to Visit Sabah - The Land Below The Wind

The Majestic Kinabalu

Posted on 15 February 2019

9 Amazing Reasons to Visit Sabah - The Land Below The Wind

Sabah, located at the North of Borneo, East of Malaysia. There’s thousands of reasons on why you should include Sabah in your places to travel. Looking from its vast of biodiversity and pristine landscapes, it’ll surprise you!

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Unsure of visiting Sabah? Let us convince you!



If you’re up for ecotourism, Sabah should be the number one choice of places you should visit. Here, you can experience vast diversity of landscapes and environments. Witness orang utan living in the tropical forest to the parasitic ‘Rotting Corpse Lily’ - nevertheless, Sabah ranks the world’s top regions for ecotourism.

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2. Flora and Fauna

Possessing the divine beauty of biodiversity, defines Sabah. More than 8,000 species of flowering plants, 600 types of birds and more than 200 different mammals, experience what lies beyond Mother Nature. Travelers can experience this ecological wonderland in most visited spots such as Kinabalu Park and Danum Valley Field Centre.

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3. Islands

Over 400 islands in Sabah has become the top destinations among travelers - The Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park consists of five islands off coast of Kota Kinabalu. Others include Kota Belud Mantanani Islands, Pulau Tiga: The Survivor Island and Sipadan, the world famous diving spot.

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4.Ethnic Diversity

42 different ethnic groups and over 200 sub-ethnic groups, Sabah has it. With distinct cultures and traditions, you can see Kadazan Dusuns, Bajau and Murut groups among the people of Sabah.

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5.The culture

Witness and experience the cultural diversity which includes their sensational festive celebrations every year such as Kaamatan. Kaamatan is celebrated by the Kadazan Dusuns as to show gratitude between the Creator and Creation. You can see beauty pageant competition held during the harvest festival like Unduk Ngadau, also, traditional sports and games as well as music.

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6. The exceptional beauty

Just a short distance from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah’s capital, you can find long stretches of jungle, mountains and beaches. Explore the ‘Tip of Borneo’ at Kudat, the northernmost point of Borneo Island. You can also head to the rainforest, kampungs which translates to village in English, experience the rustic beauty in the stilted wooden styles and colourful architecture.

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7. One of the world’s best diving spots

Located at a small island called Sipadan at the east coast of Sabah - features the world’s best diving spots. Here you can see abundance of living coral and marine life and more that’s left to discover.

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8. Clean Air

It is common that Asia’s air quality doesn’t have a good track record. However, Sabah may not be in that list as you can breathe fresh unpolluted air - which probably results of the rainforests, lack of overcrowding and fewer factories.

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9. Mount Kinabalu

Boasting a world heritage status and titled as Malaysia’s tallest park, Mount Kinabalu at 4,095 meters (13,440 feet above sea level) is the ultimate reason you should visit Sabah. If you’re a mountain climber, this will be your adventure of a lifetime! Mount Kinabalu is known to be a sacred site in Kadazan Dusun traditions.

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What are you waiting for? Buy those airplane tickets now as Sabah is waiting for you!


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