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10 Unique Things You Can Do In Hanoi

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Posted on 16 January 2020

10 Unique Things You Can Do In Hanoi

Hanoi is famous for its cultural and culinary mecca, so do you ever wonder what unique experiences you can do in Hanoi besides following the guidebook?

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Yes, going to temples, markets and eating street foods are fun but if you’re looking for something more unique, weird or unusual to do in the “sleepy” capital of Vietnam - read on.


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1. Release a turtle into West Lake

Visit Lingyin temple of West Lake where  you can buy a turtle to release into West Lake for good luck.

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2. Go ice skating

Ice skating in tropical Hanoi? No way! Yes, you can ice skate in Royal City Mall for about 200,000 VND.

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3.Wear an Ao Dai

Ao dais are the gorgeous, long flowing dresses that Vietnamese women wear to special occasions. There are plenty of places in Hanoi where you can choose one out and have it tailored to fit you.

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It’s a really unique Hanoian souvenir.


4. Ride a Xe Om

Xe oms are motorbike taxis - You can experience a fun adventure with Hanoian xe oms . It’s more affordable comparing to cabs.

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Try taking one to your next destination instead of catching a cab for a weird and wild ride.


5. Drink alcoholic Pho

The Unicorn Bar at the end of Hang Than street serves up an interesting alcoholic drink that tastes like Vietnamese pho. Order, then you’ll be as surprised as we are. You can thank us later.

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Take a photo of it - show it to your friends!


6. Ride a swan around Truc Bach

Hop on a swan boat and go for a paddle - enjoy a fun ride at tiny Truc Bach. Don’t forget to bring you camera for your insta-worthy post!

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7. Watch a 4D movie

The Vincom Mega Mall has a 4D movie theater, featuring moving chairs, wind blowing in your face, weird smells, and surround sound. It’ll blow your mind!

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Buy tickets for an action movie and settle in.


8. Swim in a giant indoor water park

In addition to an ice rink, Royal City has a giant indoor water park, with utterly terrifying too-fast water slides.

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You’ll never forget this enjoyable experience!


9. Watch Hanoi traffic with a view

Never been to a place in the world where traffic-watching is a national past time? In Hanoi, it’ll provide you hours of entertainment.

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Get a beer and head off to Muse Home Bar - it’ll make your night!


10. Barbecue your own street food

Instead of watching someone cook your food, why not have the experience to cook your own? Take a walk to the end of Hang Giay (night market street) or Hang Luoc and look for a tiny alley near the end filled with a bunch of plastic tables and barbecue materials.

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Looks delicious, isn’t it ?





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