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Posted on 23 January 2018


A mere stroll around the city of Venice is one that is sure to be packed with fascination and discovery. With historic canals, buildings and churches that are around every corner, the gorgeous city is marvelous eye-candy for any bypassing visitor or local.

The Grand Canal of Venice, bordered by centuries old buildings which tower above the stretch of still, clear waters is wallpaper worthy to say the least. Experience the calm waters by taking a ride on the gondola and be sure to take wonderful videos and photos of the magnificent city in style and comfort.

While you’re at Venice, a visit to the Saint Mark’s Basilica should be on the top of your list. The grand cathedral architecture built adopting an Italian-Byzantine style, completed in year 1092, Saint Mark’s Basilica is a cornerstone of Western history and how the maintenance of the cathedral retains its original structure while harmonising aesthetic changes through the toils of time is truly awe inspiring.


Once commonly known as the ‘Capital of the World’ and the historic homeland to some of the most impactful military and democratic leaders, conquerors and philosophers that each played significant roles in shaping Western cultures for millenniums to come. The mighty Roman Empire stretched from Britannia (now the UK) to Mesopotamia (now Kuwait), at the middle of it all was the Capital, and that was Rome.

The civilised world was thus heavily influenced by what is now the capital of Italy, Rome. Considering this influence; visitors feel, within this city, a strange combination of relatability and captivation.

With historic treasures such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, every last structure left in its ruin, thousands of years old, tell a romantic tale of civilisation, the struggles of serfdom and humanisation, compassion and humanity, revolution and restitution.

Vatican City

Surrounded by, but sovereignly independent from Rome, the Vatican City is home and capital to the Pope and Roman Catholic Christians. Fun fact: did you know that Vatican City is the smallest country in the world?

Be humbled by the visual eloquence of the unbelievably gorgeous Sistine Chapel.

You would also not want to miss catching a view of Pope Francis himself every Wednesday at 10 or 10:30 am at St. Peter’s Square!

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