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Top 5 Underrated Destinations in Indonesia

Revealing more than just a paradise

Posted on 25 February 2019

Top 5 Underrated Destinations in Indonesia

Forget Bali!

….and the ridiculous crowds there! You can check out these hidden travel gems in Indonesia instead for some truly unique experiences that you can enjoy. If you’ve been traveling to Bali or Jakarta back-and-forth for your holiday, then it’s probably time to switch things up!

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The largest archipelago in the world with over 17,000 islands – of which around 8,000 are inhabited – Indonesia has so much more to offer.


 Photo by Instagram gathered all five underrated destinations in Indonesia with amazing experiences for you to discover. Whether you’re looking for laid-back beachy bliss, unforgettable adventures or a combination of these places are sure to fulfill your holiday bliss!




1. Catch a glimpse of the world’s largest lizards and marvel at the tri-coloured crater lakes in Flores

A place that’s a world away from its bustling neighbour - Flores lets you choose on its deserted, pristine beaches and gives you a front-row seat to some of nature’s most spectacular sights.

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And nothing is more stunning than the views up at Mount Kelimutu. Just a short drive away from the local village of Moni, this extinct volcano is home to one of the world’s most enigmatic crater lakes. Each of the three lakes have a different, vivid colour which supposedly changes frequently.


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While you’re here, don’t miss out on catching a glimpse of Flores’ legendary dragons at the UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park. Measuring over three metres in length, these flesh-eating creatures are the world’s largest lizards.


Photo by nationmultimedia


They are massive and carnivorous that they’re able to feed on much bigger animals such as deer and water buffaloes. For the best chance of spotting these famed scaly beasts, go with a guide in the early morning.


2. Be enchanted by the blue flames of Mount Ijen in Banyuwangi

Located in Banyuwangi, East Java, the beguiling Mount Ijen lies 2,000m above sea level and features the world’s largest acidic volcano. Hiking your way up to the Ijen crater, or Kawah Ijen, as the locals call it, is no easy feat, thanks to its treacherous terrain and foul sulphuric fumes.


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But for those who endure the hike, you’ll be richly rewarded with astoundingly beautiful views of the sweeping vista and the magnificent turquoise water of the sulphur lake.


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To get the full out-of-this-world effect though, you have to trek at night. The electrifying display of blue flames shooting up from the volcano and blue lava-like rivers of light streaming down the mountain is bound to rank right up there on your list of remarkable experiences.


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And that’s not even the end of it, once you feel satisfied  watching the magical blue fire, climb up to the crater rim and get ready for another spectacular view – the orange, red and pink hues of the sunrise colouring the rugged landscape.


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3. Spot the world’s smallest primate and be mesmerised by unique sea critters in Manado

Lush forests, dramatic underwater landscapes, authentic villages and bustling malls – Manado is the trip for a family getaway. Make your first stop the Bunaken National Marine Park for some world-class diving.

Photo by simplyscuba


Located some nearby Manado, this reserved marine park plays host to some of the most stunning sea critters and colourful coral reefs that you’ll ever see. A hairy frogfish? A mimic octopus? Pygmy seahorses? They have it!


Photo by picssr


Discover these and other fantastic-sounding creatures right here. On land, the wildlife is no less fascinating. Head for the Tangkoko Nature Reserve for a safari adventure and keep your eyes peeled for the smallest primate in the world – the endangered Tarsius.


Photo by art


 4. Swim under spectacular waterfalls and explore amazing calderas in Bandung

Top highlights and ‘Instagram-worthy’ attractions of this place  include the well-known Tangkuban Perahu, where you can explore its three craters, and Tebing Keraton for the panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Photo by skyticket


The surreal-looking Kawah Putih, a crater lake of the lightest turquoise colour and often shrouded in cool mist, is equally popular.


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There are also plenty of stunning waterfalls such as the Curug Cimahi or Rainbow Waterfall, located an hour away from Bandung. At night, it literally lights up in a kaleidoscope of colours, a rainbow forms in spray at bottom of waterfall as spectacular fusion of colors hovers above the ground.


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Equally wondrous is Curug Malela or Malela Waterfall - dubbed as the ‘Little Niagara of West Java’. For the uninitiated, Bandung is truly one of Indonesia’s secret gems!


5. Frolic in some of the country’s best beaches and save the turtles on Bangka-Belitung islands

Located off the east coast of Sumatra, these islands boast clear turquoise shallow waters, powdery-soft white sand and giant granite rock formations that make for unique coastal scenery. Best of all? It’s crowd-free!

Photo by magazine.yoexplore


Bangka and Belitung are the two main islands but there are plenty of beautiful islets surrounding them where you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe and island-hop to your heart’s content. Bangka’s Matras Beach, which is also known as ‘Heaven Beach’, and Belitung Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang are the highlights!


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Drop by Danau Kaolin or Kaolin Lake. With its bright blue lake and surrounding white mineral deposits, this former tin mine-turned-lake is said to closely resemble the brilliant white terraces and hot springs of Turkey’s UNESCO-listed Pamukkale.


Photo by fly4free


Kepayang Island is also an excellent choice, especially if you’re planning on going during the turtle nesting and hatching season. You can visit the Conservation Centre and witness the tiny sea turtles hatching or join the workers in rescuing the turtle eggs.

Photo by ez-princess


Say Goodbye to Bali for now!

Next time you’re venturing a trip to the country, skip the usual tourist hotspots for a change and check out these underrated destinations instead!










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