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5 Filipinos Beauty Hacks YOU SHOULD KNOW - According to Filipinos

Hack a Filipino Beauty !

Posted on 27 February 2019

5 Filipinos Beauty Hacks YOU SHOULD KNOW - According to Filipinos

FILIPINOS are quite resourceful when it comes to beauty secrets - you wouldn’t believe they’ll be using whatever that’s convenient to help them with their beauty problems!



Not only Filipinos are often thought of being a trendsetter in the beauty world of Asian, they create positive effect on how men and women feel about themselves - which is why they’re beyond beautiful in their self-value. Here are 5 beauty hacks that most Filipinos grew up with - passed through a generations!




Here are 5 Filipino beauty hacks you should know about:


5. Papaya

Wait, what? Papaya? -  YES! You read that right! Not only Papaya is good for eating but it’s great for skin complexion as well! Filipinos often used papaya to even out dark areas (like elbows, knees and armpits) to create a brighter complexion.

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The enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids in the papaya helps to lessen pigmentation and smoothen the skin. All you have to do is mash the fruit and apply the puree directly on areas that you feel need lightening. Filipinos loved papayas as they’re gentler and easier to use as alternative for skin complexion!


4. Pumice Stones or “batong buga”

For a softer skin - Filipinos are fond of using pumice stones. Pumice stones are formed from volcanic rock and Filipinos often used it for scrubbing uneven spots such as feet, elbows and knees. Having trouble with calluses on your feet? Worry less! Because this stone might just be the solution for that.

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Pumice Stone is a MUST-HAVE in every Filipinos bathroom. A stone that helps you to soften your skin? UNBELIEVABLE!


3. Coconut Oil

Ages ago, before shampoos, conditioners and hair regrowth formulas became a thing, Filipinos are a step ahead of treating their dark locks at home - which explains why most Filipinos hair are always on fleek.

Photo by ultimatepaleoguide


Coconut oil persists to be a great alternative for keeping your hair moisturized (which explains why most Filipinos hair are healthy) Instead of splurging on a hot oil treatment at the salon which incur costs in long term , try using coconut oil where you can easily D.I.Y at home!

PS: It also works great as a body oil!



2. Gugo Bark

Gugo Bark oil works differently compare with coconut oil. It works more on making your hair thicker which coconut oil only helps to make your hair moisturized. The only similarities between these two oil is it works as a hair regrowth formula. You can easily find at any pharmacy outlet stores (Watsons)

Photo by shopcentral


Ever looked in a mirror, dreaming of having a thicker hair like Catriona Gray or Pia Wurtzbach? This is the solution to your hair problem! If you’re a Filipino - you’ll remember the times when you mom would make you use gugo tea on your hair before shampooing.




The tea is formed from steeping gugo bark in hot water. After it’s cooled down - you can gently poured and massaged on your scalp. Gugo bark has much more to offer - it also promotes hair growth. You can now have thicker hair just like most Filipinos do!


1.Aloe Vera

You can now stop splurging your money on buying products to soothe your skin irritations and try this easy and convenient alternative which you can plant it at your backyard - because most Filipinos do! (which explains why their skin is smooth like a baby’s butt!)

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The gel-like substance within its leaves offers variety of applications, including treating all sorts of skin irritations. First you have to cut a piece of leaf, squeeze out a gel, and apply to any skin irritations: dry skin, sunburns, rashes and wound scabs for instant healing. Not only aloe vera is used for skin irritations but Filipinos love using it as a hair treatment too! They’re fond of aloe vera as it’s something that can be obtained easily from their backyard.




From papayas, stones, coconut oils, gugo barks and aloe vera - you might be thinking,”Filipinos are crazy!”

Well, don’t believe us? Try out these Filipinos beauty hacks - You can thank us later!`

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