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Cafes Made In Malacca

Authentic Malacca Taste!

Posted on 04 March 2019

CAFE & FOOD LOVERS out there - this is it!

Malacca, a UNESCO Heritage Site, a quaint city with abundance of scenic sights and rich of heritage which makes it a unique place to explore!

Photo by youtube’s not just that. Malacca is beyond famous for their astounding cafes which catches a lot of attention among the travelers.




For those who have not been to Malacca in a while - or have never been, you’ll be happy to see the interesting sight at  the cafes in Malacca. Some portrays the old-age traditions of the city, other reflect modern influences from abroad and other cafes are a mixture of both.


 We’re here to list down only the best cafes you can visit during your trip in Malacca:


1. Backlane Coffee

Dream of sipping a cup of coffee away from hassles and noises from the public? This is where you should go. The cafe is tucked at the back lane of a street in the popular Jonker Street - just like its name implied, ‘Backlane’.

Photo by discoversg


Backlane Coffee is known for their reputation of serving their classic breakfast sets, pizza and panini which is a consciously handmade grub - but most people visit the cafe for their tempting taste-and-smell of coffee accompanied with their dessert selection.

Not to forget - there’s FREE WIFI!


Photo by burpple


Photo by burpple


Love to try but don’t know where it is? - We got you covered! Click here to make your first visit to their cafe!

Contact & opening hours info:

Tel: +60 62820542

Sunday - Thursday : 11 AM - 12 MIDNIGHT

Friday - Saturday : 11 AM - 1 AM


2. Calanthe Art Cafe

We tasted 13 coffees of the 13 Malaysia’s states in a day - IMPOSSIBLE? - Nope! This is why. Calanthe Art Cafe interesting part of the menu serves 13 coffees of the Malaysia’s 13 states - each coffee is made thoroughly with their own special ingredients.

WOW- How unique is that?

 Photo by yuen89


Photo by pinterest


Photo by misstamchiak


Besides their unique coffees, try out their signature dish mouth-watering Nyonya Laksa! It features a delicious broth made from coconut milk, lemongrass, turmeric, shallots, dried prawn paste and more ingredients -which they kept confidential. You won’t find this unordinary laksa serve elsewhere!

Want to get a taste of their coffees and foods? You’re always welcome here.

Contact & opening hours info:

Tel: +60 6292 2960

Sunday - Thursday : 9 AM - 11 PM

Friday - Saturday : 9 AM - 12 MIDNIGHT


3. Locahauz

If you want to ‘taste’ of a rich person’s coffee just like back in the 1950’s, Locahauz will be just the perfect place for you to get those #throwback feelings. Decorated lavishly with a room full of vintage furnitures which you won’t see it anywhere.


Photo by openrice


Photo by openrice


Photo by pictame


Run by a pair of sisters - this cafe is definitely worth to visit if you’re craving for the vintage feels! Their highlights here is the amazing yoghurt bowl and tiramisu coffee.

Coffee like the olden days? Get your own #throwback feelings here.

Contact & opening hours info:

Tel: +60 19-679 3993

Daily : 10 AM - 6 PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

4. Kaya - kaya Cafe

Kaya-kaya cafe portrays Malacca’s rich culture, history and traditions - another famous vintage cafe you need to visit! Most exquisite antiques are used to decorate this cafe, it’ll definitely give you the feels of its calm ambiance, you’ll caffeinate your way back to the good old times.

Photo by Facebook

Photo by Facebook

Photo by malaymail


Besides serving sensational coffee - their signature dish ‘Malacca Elvis’ is the one not to be missed out! A pancake version of Elvis Presley’s favorite peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich - sound surreal! Set yourself and your friends for a hearty meal at their outdoor courtyard , admire their heart-allure hand-painted wall murals.

Plan your visit to Kaya-kaya Cafe by simply clicking here.

Contact & opening hours details:

Tel: +60 6281 4089 

Daily: 8 AM - 6 PM


Tempted? - We are too!

Thinking too much about coffees in Malacca? You’re not alone!



Don’t wait - those coffees aren’t getting hotter! It’s time distress and plan for another getaway to the hidden gem of Malaysia!


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