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Amazing Islands In Vietnam You Should Know About

Discover Vietnam's Underrated Islands!

Posted on 06 March 2019

Amazing Islands In Vietnam You Should Know About

Islands in Vietnam? When you came to think about Vietnam itself - usually, Islands won’t come first to your mind. But today, we’re going to change that! (it’s not always has to be Maldives!)



Vietnam isn’t just famous for its astounding city life or their unique culture life in the countryside, their islands is a divine paradise that you should put in your bucket list of “Places to visit in 2019”.




Here’s the list of 5 Vietnam islands you should visit:


1.Can Dao

One of the national park in Vietnam - Can Dao Island. White sandy beaches stretched along the beach shores for miles enfolded by the crystal ocean. Here, you can see lots of coconut trees at the long line of the beach, which is definitely a nature haven for tropical lovers out there!

Photo by baolau


Besides its alluring beauty of the islands, you can do various of activities such diving in the ocean, discover sea turtles OR EVEN DOLPHINS! -There’s more  to this island than just sea and sand. Miles of untamed beach await for your discovery!


Photo by thegoldenscope


Can Dao island is a part of Vietnam history where it served as a prison camp during the French colonization and in the Vietnam - which became a footnote of Vietnam’s history. Interesting, isn’t it?


Photo by thegoldenscope


2. Phu Quoc

Known for its poetic-like islands,Phu Quoc is different than Can Dao. Phu Quoc island boasts idyllic beaches, amourous sunsets, evergreen forests and a scenic atmosphere. It’s definitely one of  Vietnam’s island you should escape to from your bustling city life.

Photo by asiagreentravel


Phu Quoc island is not only appealing to beach-lovers  but the northern part of the island is relatively untouched due to its status as a UNESCO-listed national park.Besides that, along the southern coastline, there’s plenty of luxurious resorts, amusing bars and quaint cafes.


Photo by 50firststeps


Other than exploring its beautiful beaches, you can also explore traditional villages, Buddhist pagodas, all which is convenient to go about by motorcycle, taxi, bus or day trips by reputable companies.


Photo by vina


3. Ly Son

Famous as the ‘Kingdom of Garlic’  for its vasts of garlic fields. Here lies a majestic view of its graceful land where mountains and seas seem to merge, the pristine sea and the sky are crystal blue, what better than this?

Photo by justgola


Besides their heavenly beach, you can also enjoy sightseeing around the island - 50 Buddhist temples and shrines that are easily reachable by motorcycle and seafood restaurants which is luscious in taste, perfect getaway for seafood lovers out there!


Photo by travel


4. Dao Binh Hung

As soon as you set foot on this island, the pristine blue sea and white beaches will immediately catch your attention. Compare to the other island, Dao Binh Hung island is the cleanest island where you can see corals just below your foot as you step in their pristine water.

Photo by vina


If you love fishing, grab your fishing gears now, because most of the inhabitants of the island survives mainly on fishing, especially lobster farming. Their houses on the island are mostly close with each other facing the sea.


Photo by innotour


Besides water activities at the beach, you can also tour around places on this island such as Nam Tai Tomb, Ba Temple and Binh Hung Temple - it’s not an ordinary temple, there are preserve traditional culture of the coastal communities.



Photo by


5. Nam Du

One of the attractive destination for tropical travelers. Nam Du island was formed from a volcano, as it endowed with high mountains, some of its pristine islets is untamed which is yet to discover. Nam Du island is not only renowned for its beauty, but its local products are extremely rich where you can conveniently find and obtain it on this island.

Photo by hoanggianamduhotel


Its immense crystal blue sea and sky, stunning mountains erupting amidst the ocean, never ending evergreen primeval forests, long stunning beaches and splendid rock cliffs - Nam Du has yet to be considered to be the “New Wonder of the World”.


Photo by onemoregapyear



This new discovery of Vietnam Islands will let your adventures be more alive than ever! What are you waiting for - let your visit to one of Vietnam Islands be one of your amazing travel experiences to tell to your friends!




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