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Palawan vs Boracay - Which is a better beach destination?

Here's what we think...

Posted on 29 March 2019

Palawan vs Boracay - Which is a better beach destination?

Caught in between to choose between Palawan or Boracay for your next holiday? Here is why you should choose Palawan for your next beach vacation.

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Boracay is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines, with thousands of visitors each year. It is touted as the island with the best beaches in the Philippines, but with time, Boracay has become incredibly mainstream and overpopulated.


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Here's our opinion:


1) Thanks to its undeveloped islands, the crowd there is remarkably smaller

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2) Since Palawan is not as popular as Boracay (for now), it is also inexpensive

It’s possible to find affordable restaurants in Palawan whilst enjoying your vacation without breaking the bank. What’s better than savouring food at your cost of preference while experiencing the beautiful nature?

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In contrast, Boracay can be more expensive than most other islands in the Philippines due to the large influx of tourists it gets every year.


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3) You get to see the authentic and rustic life of Filipinos

In Palawan, you can witness real rustic life of the locals, where you can watch their everyday life of children playing on the beaches and families selling local food on the streets.

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You get to experience an entirely different atmosphere when you live in a small town in Palawan, as opposed to a resort in Boracay.


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4) You can explore secluded lagoons

Fact: There aren’t any lagoons in Boracay.

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5) ...AND an underground river

The Puerto Princesa Underground River boasts to be a UNESCO Heritage site - It was one of the biggest caves I have been in and is home to thousands of bats!

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6) You’ll be stunned as you’re surrounded by thousands of glowing fireflies while you look at the galaxies

You might see lights from the city, clubs and resorts, but in Palawan, there’s more than that.

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In Iwahig River, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, it is so dark you’ll be able to see the milky way, in addition to the large swarms of fireflies studding the bushes at either side of the river.


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The best part is you can also put your hand in the river to see bioluminescent plankton light it up! If you are going to Puerto Princesa, do not miss the chance to book a firefly tour at the Iwahig river.


7) And you’ll love how many starfish you can find at Starfish Island

Starfish island is part of an island hopping tour in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa.

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You’ll get to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the sun, as your guides bring you around various islands in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa.


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8) And after exploring the whole day, end off each night at the local party scene

Boracay reopened last year with a new rule established of no partying is allowed but you can enjoy the parties in Palawan - although not as wild, loud, or crazy, but you’re sure to have a good time.

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Overall, you’re just gonna fall in love with Palawan

We don’t think Boracay is a place you should pointedly try to avoid. Boracay is beautiful, happening, fun, and it isn’t suffocating as long as you’re visiting during the off-peak season.



However, if we had to choose between Palawan and Boracay, we would say Palawan, as it is off the beaten track, authentic, and affordable!



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