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Southern Taiwan Ranked 2018 ‘Destinations on the Rise’

Southern Taiwan? On the Rise...

Posted on 24 January 2018

Southern Taiwan holds some of Asia's most diverse and captivating but underrated historical, natural and cultual landscapes. However, millions of travellers have only just started picking up on this underdog region in Taiwan. In the recent ‘2018 Travellers’ Choice Awards’, released by the American review site, TripAdvisor, travellers voted that Nantou (5th) and Tainan (7th) are 'Top Asian Destinations on the Rise’ in 2018.  

The landlocked county of Nantou is one of its kind in all of Taiwan and Asia. With calm, cooling breezes all year round, mountainous terrain stretches around the town’s borders, stunning lakes (such as the famous Sun Moon Lake) it comes to no surprise to us that Nantou is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Further south and along the western coast, the city of Tainan sits proudly, of its culture, history and heritage. Tainan City is the oldest city and former capital of Taiwan (Formosa). Popularly known as the ‘Phoenix CIty’ (and rightly so) as Tainan brings all the lost and forsaken Chinese traditions and cultural practices right back to life, better than ever.

If you are looking for that amazing mix of nature and cultural exposure, southern Taiwan evidently shows us that travelling to the underdogs of a traveller’s guide can give you just that.

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