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The things that you have to try to do during Chinese new year

Try things like a local Chinese

Posted on 04 February 2019

The things that you have to try to do during Chinese new year

Chinese new year is also named Spring Festival, it’s a traditional culture day of China. It is basically known to everyone that Chinese new year is the most important festival in China, and it has a great influence on Chinese culture. It is a festival that reunion families, people who work out of hometown would abandon everything just for going back home, meeting family and friends. The duration is two weeks which people celebrate, worship the dead and visit relatives or travel with family. Every family is really lively on the Spring Festival, and it is rare to see people on the street. Everyone is sitting at home either cooking or talking, then watching the Spring Festival Gala on our China Central Television the night of the new year.  If you wanna come to China during Chinese new year, we have a list of what you should try to do in China. Come on, check it out!!


   Making dumplings

Dumplings are an essential Chinese New Year cuisine for Chinese people, and eating dumplings is quite special. The pickles dumplings are not welcomed as a new year dish, it means people will have a bad time in this year. But the cabbage dumplings are the best choice which represents skin of the guy will get more fair within a year, furthermore, there is a tradition to put a coin in the dumpling, the one who eats that coin means that he/she will have a lucky and smooth year.

Talking about making dumplings, they are pretty particular about making the shape of dumplings, you cannot just fold the dumpling skins on and make it good, it has to be a pleated dumpling. It might not sound that easy, but if you want to try making dumplings, you will find interesting spending time on making them and experience passions of Chinese new year.


   Spring Festival Couplets

Couplets are Chinese traditional decoration which sticks on the main door. The top couplet is the shortest one which is the title, the couplet has to be a rhyming sentence start from the left to right, and it has to apply the red paper to write, this is the symbol of people pray for healthy and wealthy for next year. It is said that people used to paste couplets in order to pray for a family's safety, and the people in some certain places consider it as a guard. As you can tell, the traditional things have to use the most traditional way to make which is using writing brush instead of printing it out. Oh, by the way, there’s a fortune word “福” which is similar to couplets, but it needs to reverse pasting it, then it means your fortune will come.

You might not know how to use a writing brush, try to learn using it, it will be fun. Come on, try to write you own couplets, I know it might be kind of superstitions, but it’d be interesting though, right?

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Mahjong is the most common and local entertainment during Chinese new year, it mostly happens after having the new year dinner, and it’s also what we called Chinese poker, wait wait, but it’s totally different from the poker. Mahjong has three main suits which are dot, bamboo and character, and it has a cube shape and more than 20 methods of playing which each province has different ways of playing. People play it for getting the atmosphere more lively and for celebrating the extremely happy Chinese new year day. WHY we introduce Mahjong? Because it’s a really local entertainment in China especially active during Chinese new year, and we assume that it’d be hard to find such a cheerful entertainment except for China, it is difficult to explain how to play Mahjong, but once you watch people play, you will learn from the rounds. Why not try it?




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