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The five must-eat places in Chengdu during Chinese new year

Fill your appetite in Chengdu

Posted on 06 February 2019

The five must-eat places in Chengdu during Chinese new year

Chengdu is the capital city in Sichuan province, one of the ten historical cities in China as well as the hometown of the panda, but what you may not know is, Chengdu is foodie heaven in China.

The perfect destination for people who love eating spicy food, and geographically Chengdu is next to Chongqing, which makes hot pot the necessary food in Chengdu as well. However, Chengdu is the birthplace of Sichuan cuisine which is one of the four major cuisines in China, which is even awarded by UNESCO with the title of “World Food Capital” in Chengdu.

So, do let us introduce you the five must-eat places in Chengdu.




Another Space is an internet famous shop, whereby the owner is a friendly young man who often chats with guests in the store. His idea of creating this store is for Another Space to be a well-known brand and let more people meet people with similar interests as everyone here is equal where they can just sit down and talk about life and enjoy the slow pace of life in Chengdu.
The design of the store tends to be the Nordic style which is really fancy, and the drinks taste great and you can taste how the owner put effort on it. The owner hopes that the guests will not only enjoy a cup of coffee but also enjoy the comfort of the shop.

It’s a stunning place for photography, so if you are interested in taking nice photos, enjoy a lazy afternoon or looking for great coffee, just drop in!

Location: No. 3, No. 14 Yucheng Street (next to Taikoo Li)



”Weird old man“ Tian Bu La 

Tian Bu La is Sweet and not spicy, but it is completely different from its name. It is actually fried food with dry chili powder or oil chili sauce, it's a spicy taste, but with a bit sweet flavor. The weird man represents the TIAN BU LA of Chengdu. He has been selling Tian Bu La since 1997, he purchases ingredients every day, so the food and sauces are really fresh. Plus the vendor is clean, and the food is tasty, so in the past 20 years, there have been many repeat customers. It’s hard to get food less than 1RM now, but the Tian Bu La is 30 cents per stick, such a reasonable price!

If you pass this area, please be sure to try it!

Location: Entrance to the courtyard of No. 12 Southwest Road, Fuqin




 Nameless Maocai

Do you think it is too troublesome to eat hot pot alone or perhaps think it is too expensive? Don’t worry as the clever people in  Chengdu invented the Maocai which is a small hot pot, and the taste is similar to the hot pot, but it’s more cheap and convenient as the owner will cook for you. All you need to do is pay and start eating!

It is a nameless shop but attracts people to queue up for it every day, what do you think is the magic of it? We will tell you…. it has to be flavor! If it’s not good, then why people queue? Their key is the exclusive formula and special seasoning. As the saying in China, ingredients are the souls of food, so nameless maocai always uses fresh ingredients, that’s why they got a lot of repeat customers. Stop thinking, let’s check it out, it won’t let you down!

Tip: Beef is the must order food!!!

Location: No. 19, West Erdao Street (near Golden Hawaii)

Time: Closed before 2 pm



 Zhang Yaomei sweet water noodles

Their famous noodles are handmade thick noodles, and the shop runs by a couple. The so-called sweet noodles are actually made by oil chili sauce, soy sauce, sesame sauce, and garlic, with spicy and a little bit sweet flavor. That's interesting, right? The local love to call food sweet something such as sweet noodles, sweet and no spicy. The noodles are quite tasty, by the way, the shop is very clean as well. So who wants to try? Must go earlier lah! Otherwise, they will be sold out.

Location: No.1, Jianhua South Lane, Chenghua District, Chengdu


Drama Cafe 

Drama cafe if one of the most highly visited and recommended cafe by local bloggers. It is absolutely an internet famous shop.  Even though there might be a long queue the staff at Drama Cafe will hand over a cup of water and say thanks for waiting for such a long time which is super sweet!  Don’t worry, as waiting in line is worth it. The service is super good and all the beverages and food are not only tasty but also worth taking pictures. This is a shop that really suits girls who want to spend time and enjoy the good food!!

Location: 44th Floor, Lang Yu 2nd Unit, 3 Taici Temple Road


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