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Best Places to visit for your New Year, New You experiences

Discovering a new you!

Posted on 02 January 2019

Best Places to visit for your New Year, New You experiences

“New Year, New Me” - sounds familiar?

Have you wondered why you’ve been saying that same line every year with a goal of traveling to other places but somehow, it doesn’t happen? Well, it’s 2019 and let us help you to change that.



Contemplating an Asian escape? Here’s a list of places consisting the charming beach towns, scoured the cloud-snagging skylines and poked around the prehistoric temple complexes of the ever-changing Asian continent to bring you their recommendations of the most exciting spots to visit over the next 12 months.




1. Busan, South Korea

Where the mountains and sea meet, Busan is a stunning confluence of scenery, culture, and cuisine. South Korea’s second largest city offers an eclectic offering of activities to suit all travelers: hike hills to Buddhist temples, settle into sizzling hot springs and feast on seafood still a-wriggle at Jagalchi, the country’s largest fish market.

Photo by goasiaplus


2. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan influences much over travelers’ imaginations, with its dreamy mosaic-clad mosques and Silk Road lore. Uzbekistan took huge strides in welcoming tourism, announcing visa-free and e-visa schemes, new air routes and also extensions to its shiny high-speed rail network, making access to its collection of jeweled architecture and ancient cities easier than ever.

Photo by journalofnomads


3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam's southern supercity somehow keeps getting stunning. Witness the aging apartment blocks colonised by vintage clothes stores and independent coffee shops, innovative breweries like Heart of Darkness and East-West Brewing are fuelling one of the best craft beer scenes in Southeast Asia, and a selection of eclectic venues are strengthening the local music scene, there’s no other place like Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo by nomadicmatt


4. Western Ghats, India

The Western Ghats offer an atmospheric mirror to Shimla and Darjeeling, with added jungle appeal. Featuring rugged hills - Unesco listed as one of the top spots for biodiversity in the world, conserving everything from wild elephants and tigers to the Neelakurinji flower, which blooms only once every 12 years.


Photo by wanderlust


Visit now and you’ll discover coffee, tea and spice plantations, charmingly dated colonial outposts, thundering waterfalls, and even a steam-powered mountain railway while evading the crowds who mob the northern uplands.


5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

With its legion of temples and grand, weather-worn city walls, visitors browse stalls of antique jewelry as the familiar scent of tilapia grilled in banana leaf fills the air


Photo by drifttravel


Alongside majestic, gold-painted chedis (stupas) are cafés known for their latte art, mural-walled restaurants specializing in experimental fusion cuisine and the newly-opened, award-winning Contemporary Art Museum which draws plaudits for its masterful intertwining of traditional and modern influences.


Photo by jetsettingfools


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