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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur for your next holiday!

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Posted on 08 April 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur for your next holiday!

Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Penang is known as a state island on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the northern region.

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Hailed as one of the places you absolutely must visit before you die, here’s why travelers should escape the hectic life of the urban city of Kuala Lumpur and head to Penang.


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1.Glorious food

Penang is explicitly known for having the best food in Malaysia, anyone who says otherwise clearly hasn’t been around much.

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Consisting the conclusive flavors of Asia, feast practically countless delicacies such as the mamak Mee Jawa, the most popular char kuey teow, delectable desserts such as muah chee (rice cakes covered in peanut brittle), tau sar piah biscuits; and beloved white curry mee.


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Drop by Gurney Drive outdoor food court for local hawker cuisine, or kooky alleyway restaurant Line Clear for the best nasi kandar in the state. With the huge South Indian Muslim population making up a large mamak community, longtime Aceh Sumatra influences.


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2. Historical richness

Penang is full of history, being home to mansions, churches, cemeteries and shop lots from many different cultures over the centuries. Be surprised to know that quite a few of these historical sites are still in active.

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Declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, most Chinese clan houses now transform to temples or are refurbished to become boutique hotels, a particularly notable one being the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion. Remnants of the British administration are plentiful, and Fort Cornwallis happens to be the largest preserved fort in all of Malaysia.


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3. Where the hills meet the ocean

From a hike up Penang Hill to the sandy shores of Monkey Beach, this island is one of the very few places in Malaysia to offer both green and water activities.

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National Park may be as wide as other places in Malaysia , but its twisting terrain climbing up a mountain and veering off into secluded beaches puts it in the running for the most interesting. And with an adventure park in the mix, there is always something exciting awaiting at every bend.


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 4. Unique street art

A street art lover will love to admire the images of Penang’s beautiful street art circulating the web before. A collection of passion projects by international and local urban artists, life in Penang is captured through beautiful graffiti paintings of its people and animals.

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A series of metal structures have also been integrated into an interactive tourism map of the capital city of Georgetown, encouraging visitors to scour the city in search of the next marker usually around other great landmarks.


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5. Architectural goldmine

Penang is a place of tradition and heritage of buildings from at least a century ago, since its development by British administration and Asian settlement. Colonial buildings as well as Chinese and Indian ornate houses and shop lots boasts to be traveler’s attraction.

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And to the south of the island, Malay settlements are abundant, a real ‘kampung’ (village) community. In addition to the most elaborate temples such as the Snake Temple and Thaipusam chalk-marked roads, relics like the clock tower in the city square and local monuments like the famous KOMTAR known to be an interesting man-made landscape.



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