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Three Hidden Places in China that you need to know!

Hidden Places, China

Posted on 18 February 2019

Wherever you are,  popular attractions when you travel are always crowded with tourists, and China is no exception. Nevertheless, since many tourists are brought to these popular attractions, they miss so many gorgeous spots known to the locals! Such a big China, not only the hot attractions but also more awesome places waiting for people to discover, so we will introduce a few hidden attractions of China.

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Danba Tibetan Village

From “China's Most Beautiful Place” selection event sponsored by China National Geographic in 2005, Danba Tibetan Village was ranked as the first out of the six most beautiful ancient towns in China.

In Danba, people refer to the villages as stockades, stockades refers to a village surrounded by fences, waterways, mountains, stones or walls. The unique architectures are generally built on the slopes and usually composed of dozens or even hundreds of families. Danba has rich tourism resources and natural scenery. Anyone who has been to Danba will be amazed by Danba’s “Three Beauties”: The Jiaju stockades, scenery, and the beautiful girls of Danba.  Danba also integrates snow-capped mountains, forests, seas, hot springs and meadows into one of the best places in the world. If you looking for a place for leisure, adventure and return to nature, it will be your good choice!

Kanas Lake Packist

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Kanas Lake

Kanas Lake is one of the National Geological Park, China Nature Reserves, National Natural Heritage as well as China's most beautiful lake and also known as "the paradise on earth, the garden of God".

"Kanas" means "beautiful and mysterious lake." People are obsessed with the lake because of the legend of Kansas monsters, the changeable colors of the lake and the natural scenery. Besides that, the country life here is hardly known by people. Wearing casual clothes, walking by the lake, feeling the wind, peace, and quiet from the lake, and enjoy the amazing nature. What a comfortable life it is!

Come and see the gorgeous nature here! May to October is the best season to come to Kanas.

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Jiabang Terrace

The Jiabang terraces have not yet been fully developed, which is an attraction that is still unknown to a lot of people in China. A unique suspended house is scattered in the middle of the terrace. The fog is always lingering here due to the rainy day, and people there use their traditional ways of life to irrigate the land. In addition, there is a secret in the rice fields that can raise carp and ducks. This ancient system is listed as an important agricultural cultural heritage in the world. The harmony between human and nature always makes people feel the peaceful rural life.

We recommend that April and May are the best seasons for traveling. The terraced fields will be watered and will flash a silvery white light, highlighting the outline of the terraces, presumably this is a gift of the natural!

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