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Six beauty products you should buy when you visit China

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Posted on 08 March 2019

Do you often think that China does not have good skin care products and perhaps  Chinese like to buy foreign brands?

Well, it’s time to change your mind, Chinese domestic products are rising. Let us show you what is classic and what is the real “MADE IN CHINA”.


Winona Soothing Moisturizing Cream 

The moisturizing cream is a hot product of Winona, and recommended by many dermatologists. The ingredients exclude alcohol, sensitizing preservatives, fragrance pigments and perfect for sensitive skin. It can repair the skin barrier, anti-allergic, improve skin redness as well as soothing skin.

For the girls who have sensitive skin, don't hesitate and just grab one!

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Pecntrol Balancing Emulsion 

The brand Pechoin was born in 1931 in Shanghai, and it has always maintained the concept of “natural and non-irritating”.The emulsion is very good in oil control and it is suitable for oily skin and mixed oily skin. You will not feel oily after getting up in the morning by ushoin Oil Coing this product. The product also has a certain moisturizing function and if you continually use it, and it also improves the pores problems. FAIR PRICE AND WORTH TO BUY.

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Dabao SOD Lotion 

Dabao SOD lotion is a star product which born in 1990, and it’s always the best seller for over 20 years. In China, it is basically the most common skin care product in each family. It contains rich SOD antioxidant factor to help the skin resist oxidation and moisturize the skin, and it also delays skin aging by using it regularly, makes the skin fair and smooth. Such a national skincare product with a really low price, so grab one ASAP!


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SHANGHAI VIVE Night in Shanghai Perfume 

Shanghai VIVE was born in 1898. VIVE represents the old Shanghai socialite culture. The perfume blends modern and classical, interprets the charm of old Shanghai in the 1930s, and present the elegance of Shanghai's socialites. The head notes smell fruity which is from lemon, lime, orange, and peach, the middle notes contain the fragrance of rose, jasmine and other flowers which is flowery, and the base notes left a little woody amber. If you are a perfumer, DO NOT miss this classic perfume!

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Yu Mei Jing Children's Cream 

The cream is originally developed for children's skin and supplemented with fresh milk and natural moisturizing ingredients to fully replenish nutrients and moisture of the skin. The cream is also moisturizing and gentle and will make the skin soft and smooth. There are even many adults who like to use it for skin care.  Oh! it’s only 2RM/pax, probably that’s why it’s also popular among adults.


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UNIFON Mineral Mud Mask 

UNIFON is a mask-based company which focuses on developing the best mask. Mud mask is UNIFON’s main product which is rich in various minerals, trace elements and active ingredients as well as added skin care ingredients such as collagen, which not only can effectively clean the dirt in the skin, soften the cutin, shrink pores but also moisturizing and provide nutrition to the skin. Well, just give it a try!


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