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Did you know that in Wuhan, you won’t have the same breakfast twice for a month? This is not fake news!

Wuhan, the breakfast city.

Posted on 11 March 2019

In Wuhan, “Guo Zao” means to go out for breakfast after getting up in the morning which became a culture and habit in this city. The locals believe that the breakfast in Wuhan is their source of energy throughout the day. Known as the “Breakfast Capital” and “Breakfast Kingdom”, we guarantee that you will be spoilt with choices.

Now, do follow us to the breakfast heaven and we will show you what are the most popular breakfast in Wuhan. Let’s check it out!


Hot Dry Noodles with Sesame Paste 

Hot dry noodles are one of the top ten noodles in China and one of Wuhan's most famous snacks. It is a representation of  Wuhan people's character and culture, as they are delicate and tough, and is an indispensable part of Jingchu folk customs and food culture. Hot dry noodles are not only in Wuhan but also passed on to other cities and regions because of the enthusiasm of Wuhan people. When you taste it, you will see the luster of the color, and taste the quality of the noodles, and the sesame sauce in the mouth, which is a complex flavor, and it is a taste that makes people don’t want to stop.



Next, we will introduce you to several the most famous hot dry noodles in Wuhan.

  • Cai Lin Ji

It is a hot dry noodles chain restaurant in Hubei province. (Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province). The noodles are very chewy, mixed with the scent of sesame and soy sauce.

Location: No. 6-8, 1st Floor, Hubu Lane Comprehensive Building, Wuchang District, Wuhan


  • Aunt Li Hot Dry Noodles

This is an old store in Wuhan which are mostly only known to the locals, but they have fast-cook hot dry noodles that can be purchased online. It is said that the taste is as same as the customers have tried in the store of Aunt Li.

Location: No. 2, No. 384, Zhongshan Road, Wuhan

Bowl Hot Dry Noodles 

This is an Internet-popular store and there are many hot dry noodles with new flavors, The decoration is also modern which are more popular among young people. The traditional hot dry noodles are made by sesame sauce, pickles, and soy sauce. Some of the new flavors of the store are also popular with young people such as braised beef, spicy beef, and tofu. If you are interested in trying new things, this is the best choice.


Seafood Tofu

The interesting thing is that the seafood tofu is actually not made by seafood and tofu, it is one of the main breakfast of Wuhan people,  it is also one of the traditional snacks in Wuhan, and even the Chairman of China admired this food. It made up of glutinous rice and bean skin, and there are meat, fresh eggs, fresh shrimps (or fresh meat, fresh mushrooms, and fresh bamboo shoots) inside of it. When the seafood tofu is done, the skin is crispy and its soft inside with a chewy taste.

So, let us introduce you some restaurants that you might want to try.


Chef Wang Seafood Tofu Restaurant 

It is an old store at a reasonable price, and they only cook once the customer orders, if you want to eat then you have to wait for at least 20 minutes.


Lao Tong Cheng Seafood Tofu Restaurant

Lao Tong Cheng is a restaurant opened in 1931. The ex-chairman of China Mao Zedong and North Korea’s the ex-head Kim Il Sung-yuan have been here. It is the master seafood tofu restaurant in Wuhan.

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