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What are the things you need to know before traveling to Tibet

Tibet - Precautions.

Posted on 25 March 2019

“If you don't travel to Xinjiang, then go to Tibet.” Well, that is the old saying in China.

Tibet should be the place where this life must go that was saying in China. It has the mysterious Tibetan religious culture and the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest (Qomolangma).
Although Tibet has gorgeous sceneries, it is high above sea level. For those who want to go, there are indeed many health concerns.
So what kind of prevention preparations do you need to make for the first time? Or, what precautions do you need to take? What should you do if you encounter it? No worries, we sort out the questions that you need to know, let’s check it out!



Q & A

How can non-Chinese nationality people travel to Tibet?

This is basically the most important thing. According to Chinese law, regarded as the special national traditions, cultural sites and ecological environment of Tibet as well as the public transportation conditions, tourist service facilities and the ability of  reception of Tibet, the government established that non-Chinese tourists have to apply the “The ratification of travel to Tibet” issued by the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau which also stipulates that foreign journalists and diplomats cannot enter Tibet as tourists.

For people who want to travel to Tibet, they must find a reliable travel platform or agency to apply for the travel document.


After I got the ratification, what should I do? Is there anything I need to be aware of?

According to the regulations of the National Tourism Administration, non-Chinese tourists are not allowed to travel alone in Tibet but with the group or local guide.

By the way, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is not available for non-Chinese tourists. Because the government says is classify attraction in China, it has a lot of lefts of how people build to defend the outsider.


When I arrived at Tibet which is a plateau, is there any suggestions?
Remember, if you are the first time to a plateau, do not run or walk fast, do keep warm, do avoid having a cold, it might lead to serious diseases. Drink plenty of water, don't overeating, don't drink alcohol and smoke, eat more vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits, and the Tibet butter tea can help you ease altitude sickness.


Who is not suitable for Tibet?
If you have heart, lung, liver, kidney and other diseases, or people with severe anemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and high-risk pregnant women, it is not suitable for you traveling to Tibet.


What are the specialties in Tibet?
There are Tibetan noodles, sweet tea, butter tea, barleywine, yak beef consumption, and yak yogurt, etc.


When is Tibet the most beautiful?
Tibet has its own characteristics all year round. Generally speaking, May-October is the peak season. At this time, the weather is mild and refreshing, and the scenery is also the most beautiful time.
However, the winter is also very beautiful, and in winter it is not as cold as you imagined; the temperature is warm during the day, and the tourists are not as high compared to other seasons, and you can save a lot on cost.


What do I need to bring in the summer?
Tibet has a high altitude, strong ultraviolet radiation, and dry weather. Be sure to bring sunscreen, skin care products, lip balm, sunglasses, sun hat, etc, in case not to be sunburned.


Is there a lot of taboos in Tibet?
To avoid causing unnecessary trouble,  it is best to know the taboos before you go.

  • Do respect their religion
  • Don't shout loudly around the temple
  • Don't touch other people's heads casually
  • Don't talk too rude, and so on.

After sharing that much information, we are going to recommend you the stunning places traveling to Tibet.


#Potala Palace

Potala Palace is the must-go place in Tibet, which located in the capital city of Tibet, Lasa. The Potala Palace is a Buddhist shrine, which holds 200,000 Buddha statues, most of which are made of gold. However,the entrance ticket has to be reserved one day before Note that touching the statues and taking photos in the palace are prohibited, and tourists are not allowed to visit more than one hour. But, it is absolutely worth your visit to Potala Palace once in your life!


# Qomolangma

As the highest mountain in the world, it has its value attracting tourists here. It has a gorgeous ice snow mountain and attracts many mountaineering enthusiasts to conquer. For tourists, it’s an adventure in life. Why not try to go there seeing the fabulous and the magnificent?

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