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No idea for a Valentine Gift? Check it out!!

Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts that girls wants.

Posted on 13 February 2019

Knock Knock!! Valentines Day is around the corner, so this usually will bring a problem to the men in the relationship as he might struggle with this question for the whole day: What present should I give to my lovely girlfriend? A bunch of flowersseem like a waste of money, as it would wilt and dies in a short amount of time. Chocolateseems like a normal Valentines gesture. Hence, if you are having trouble to find a gift or you want to show how much you love and care about your girlfriend or perhaps even girlfriends, please scroll on for a list of ideas of unexpected gifts to the women in your life.



Spa Package

What’s better than to pamper with a service that can help you to calm and soothing. Stress is a common problem for people who live a modern lifestyle and stress could be caused by pressure and problem at work location or individual lifestyle. Hence, it is a good chance to give a wonderful spa package as a gift to the girls.  No matter whether she is a high-power executive, blue-collar workers or a homemaker or even your mom, this gift will suit her and would help her to unwind, forgetting about the interminable meetings, works and hectic tasks.



If you have enough budget, you can choose to take a few days off and fly to a new destination with your lovely partner such as Indonesia, Bali or Thailand, Krabi. It is good for the soul when traveling to other countries, as the environment is different from the usual days. Besides that, synonymous with Krabi and Bali are Spas and Honeymoon, there are lots of spa resort available and the comfortable environment will help both of you to relax and escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can relax at the pool with swim-up room hammocks, unwind with an hour or 2 hours spa treatment and having a romantic candlelight dinner with your lover. Spas are considered as a health-promoting experience, as it can stimulate the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins, promotes cells re-generation, refines pores, offers skin relief and also relieves chronic pain situations such as arthritis, sciatica,  and muscle spasms. Which means that spa not only can refresh your body but also to improve the look and feel of your skin and make you feel more beautiful than ever.



If you are not interested in outstation travel, you can also choose to have a short stay at a domestic spa resort such as 5 Star Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa which located at Langkawi to pamper yourself and your lover with restorative massages and invigorating treatments at highly acclaimed Pelangi Spa. Besides that, this resort also offering stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding tropical landscape, so you are able to enjoy relaxing on the beach together with your loved ones and seeing the nice view.


Detox Programme



Does your girlfriend like to eat unhealthy food? or they are a heavy user of junk food? If yes, then she definitely needs a detox programme. Why detox? Because it can help us to clean up the toxins that our body don’t recognise and don’t know how to process. Most of the toxins of our body is coming from the air we breathe and the foods or beverage that we consume daily such as caffeine, alcohol, high sugar drinks, fast and refined foods, and food that included the additives and preservative. All these things are harmful to our health and we should kick it out from our body. Therefore, Detox programme will be a good gift idea for women as it only can remove the toxins but also in a healthy and fun way, because there are plenty of activities included in the detox programme.



For example, the 3D2N Koh Samui Detox Programme introduced by Packist has included the daily Colemas, Herbal Steam sessions and healing massage, yoga class & daily meditation, proprietary herbal and intestinal cleanse supplement, vegetable broth soups and also 3 different taste detox drinks. And there are also some of the optional activities available such as spa treatment, Thai Cooking class and more. By participating in this type of Detox Programme, girls will not feel bored and unmotivated, as there are a variety of activities available and they are able to have a fulfilling day. You not only can remove the toxins but also enjoy the massage and yoga class for relaxation, lose some weight might be an extra bonus for you as well.


Wellness Programme



After weeks of Fast Food, Fires, Chocolates, Bubble Tea with your girlfriend.  Now,  it's the time for you to think about burn the calories!! Sometimes, your girlfriend might feel lazy to go for gyms and they are not really interested in the hard workout. But, exercise doesn't mean diets and gym. Instead, you can choose to go on holiday. Wellness vacations not only can improve your health but also to escape the grind of work-life and find stress relief while enjoying nature and a new environment. This might also give a chance for you and your lovely partners to put your phone down and enjoying nature together. Hence, this is a good gift idea to help you improve your romantic relationship.



Wellness programme will not be boring, it has involved a variety of activities instead of just focus on the exercise practices. For example,  the 3D2N The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort Malaysia package have included the Karaoke, In-House movie facilities. In addition, you also can visit the tropical fruits farm, deer farm and enjoy the fishing session with your partner. You can take a beautiful photo with the nature scene and take a breath of fresh air or taste the fruits inside the farm.  Furthermore, you can also join certain classes such as Fitness class, Tai Chi class, Yoga class or the Pools & Aqua-Aerobics. All these activities are included in the package and taught by the qualified teachers. Rather than a regular vacation, wellness vacation can improve your both physical and mental health, so let’s get it.




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