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Things To Do On Valentine's Day For Singles

The single girl's Valentine's Day

Posted on 30 January 2020

Valentine’s Day is known as a romantic day in February. If you have a lovely partner, you might choose to have a candlelight dinner in a romantic restaurant; If you are single, you might just stay at home alone and avoid going out, because the street is full of couples. However, just because you are single, it does not mean you have to left out the festival. There are some unique celebrations suit the singles. So, let’s have a meaningful Valentine’s Day together this year!!


1. Taking A Short Getaway





There will be someone who is special in your life and irreplaceable, they are either your besties or your lovely families. So why not to spend time with your family or those you love and who love you in this romantic day?  You can plan a short getaway within in Malaysia, as there are lots of place suite for short vacation, such as Cameron Highlands, Fraser Hill, Melaka, Rawang and more. If you are a strawberry-lover, you can freshly pick the strawberry in Cameron Highlands and pick your own fruit at a strawberry farm. As the temperature of Kuala Lumpur is often high or warm, sometimes you might want to escape from the city and enjoy the fresh, breezy cool air with your friend and families, so Fraser Hill will be the best choice for you. You might also plan a short getaway in Rawang if you plan to walk up in a rainforest and surrounded with a blanket of dense vegetation.


2. Spa and Massage





In this special day, you should treat yourself better. You can use Valentine’s Day as a day to pamper yourself, take yourself out to enjoy a spa and massage treatment in the places that you like and make you feel good. There is a lot of health and wellness spas in Malaysia, where you can start a healthy lifestyle with spa cuisine, massage and relax, such as The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort,  Chi The Spa, Mines Wellness Resort, The Orchard Wellness Resort and more. Some of it even provide facial rejuvenation services in the relaxing atmosphere. Spa and massages is the best way for you to relieve stress, improve your sleep quality and rejuvenating. You can also relax and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with music in the spas. Hence, lets book a spa and massage treatment to make your Valentine’s Day perfect!  


3. Exchange Gift With Your Love Ones





In this Valentine’s Day, it’s time for you to buy a bunch of rose flowers to your lovely parents in order to express your love and gratitude, as they are the ones who care about us more than themselves and they are also the ones who worked so hard to just create a good life for you. There is no doubt that parents are someone irreplaceable in our life, so let's show how much they mean to us and how deeply special they are in this romantic day. Or you might have a "Bestie Valentine's Day" gift exchange. You can plan to have an exchange gift session with your besties who are single and celebrated Valentine’s Day together. You can treat your friends a gift that they would never buy for themselves such as lipstick, handbags, perfume and more. To make your friends know that even they haven’t got a boyfriend, but they still have their best friend who always stands by their side, listening to them and supporting them. Hence, let’s spread love to the ones you love.


4. Have A Movie Marathon





You will expect to see there is full of couples on the street, shopping mall, cafe or even cinema on Valentine’s day, as every couple will tend to go out for celebration. Other than that, when you open your social media account such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, you might see full of couples pictures appear on the wall post, which might make you feel lonely and awkward. Hence, if you are a movie lover, why not to put down your phone, collect all of your favorite actor's movies and spend your Valentine's Day with your favorite actor at home. You might also find some movies that make smile and laugh, enjoy a joyful day in the house.


5. Watch The Sunset




If you are a nature lover, why not to spend your Valentine’s day with the beautiful sunset? Imagine that you are lying out at the beach, listening to the sounds of rolling ocean waves and wait for the sunset, smiling will become an automatic impulse on your face. The sounds and views of the beach will definitely make you become calm and relax. There are some romantic spots to watch the sunset in Malaysia, for example, Temasya Tanjung Batu Beach (Sarawak),  Batu Ferringhi Beach (Penang), Cenang Beach (Langkawi), Bagan Lalang Beach (Selangor) and Irama Beach (Kelantan). Generally, the estimated time of sunrise will be 6 am (East Malaysia) and 7 am (West Malaysia) and the sunset times will be 6 pm (East Malaysia) and 7 pm (West Malaysia).


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