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Tips for maintaining your healthy weight while travelling!

Live a healthier lifestyle while travelling!

Posted on 22 April 2019

Yummmmy!!!! When you are on a short trip to Asia country, you might just want to eat all that yummy local cuisine without realizing that you’re overeating. You will never say NO to the delicious food or even leave the table without finishing your food.

As we heard that  “the average woman needs 2,000 calories and day, while men need 2,500”, so here is how 2,000 calories of food look like:



Most travellers will end up eating more calories than they can burn, so apparently, according to studies, travellers will gain weight while travelling. So why not to look some ways or tips to maintain your healthy weight while travelling? Wellness vacations have included a variety of activities such as Yoga class, Kayaking, Fitness class, Tai chi, Aqua-Aerobics, Spa and Massage, all these activities will help you to burn the calories and fats.



Are you a yogi? A 60 minutes yoga class will burn between 150 - 500 calories, depending on the type of yoga, which is equivalent to 1 or a half plate of chicken rice calories.




Kayaking is a serious upper-body workout. 60 minutes of Kayaking can burn about 205 calories, which burns half a  Hamburger calories.




Tai Chi

When most people think about Tai Chi, they are not usually associating the practice with calorie burn. But in fact, it burns approximately 240 calories in a one-hour session, which almost burns 1 cup of pearl milk tea calories.





During the class, you may exercise with floaties, tread waters, walk or jog and burn estimated 240 calories per hour in an aquafit class, which is equivalent to a half fried chicken calorie.





Bodies burn calories even sleeping burns calories. Enjoying a therapeutic massage is similar to sleep and it can burn approximately 67 calories during an hour-long massage, which mean you can burn 1 Oyster calories.





So, rather than regular travel, add wellness and adventure to your holiday or even jog around town every morning will be good for you. 

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