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The #KonMari Steps of Packing A Suitcase To Travel Tidy

Travel tidy by packing with the Kon Mari method

Posted on 29 April 2019


Photo courtesy of NBC News on YouTube

Photo courtesy of NBC News on YouTube

 Recently, the internet has been obsessing over the Netflix show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” by the Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo. If you haven’t known it yet, Marie Kondo is a tidying expert, bestselling author, star of her Netflix show and founder of KonMari Media. Inc. Her Netflix show showcases her going to houses in order to help people declutter their home using her #KonMari method, and transform it into a place of peace, serenity, and inspiration. The KonMari method is held strongly by Marie Kondo’s philosophy; that is to give gratitude to the things that you let go and to keep only the things that spark joy. When talking about being tidy, it is always a struggle to pack your suitcase neatly for travel. Rest assured, the #KonMari method is here to save your day with these 7 handy steps of packing a travel tidy suitcase.

#KonMari Step 1: Pick items that only sparks joy to travel with you

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The first step is to take all the things that you feel like bringing for your holiday and lay it out on the surface in front of you. Then, pick only the things that spark joy to you. How do you do it? Using the KonMari method, this is when your heart plays a role because you have to look and touch every item and observe the feeling it gives to your heart. If it makes you feel joy, bring it to travel with you, but if it doesn’t spark joy leave it all behind! Remember that you want to travel tidy and overpacking is not going to make that happen. Other than picking items that spark joy, bring necessary items that you need such as toiletries, shoes, and undergarments.

#KonMari Step 2: Categorise all your garments

Photo courtesy of Marie Kondo on Instagram (@mariekondo) 

The second step of the KonMari method is to categorise the items you picked. Fabric garments such as shirts, pants, and undergarments should be categorised accordingly to make folding more efficient. Miscellaneous items such as toiletries, shoes, and makeups should be categorised accordingly too in order to make packing easier and cleaner.

#KonMari Step 3: Fold your garments using the Kon Mari method

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Once you have categorised all the items that you want to pack, start folding all your fabric garments. Fold every garment that can be folded (shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, panties, scarfs) using the KonMari method that folds clothes into an upright position.

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Make sure to fold as thin as possible because this will save the space in your suitcase. By doing this, you can fit many things in the suitcase even if it has limited space. If you are packing a thin and smooth fabric, roll it like a sushi instead of folding as this will prevent your fabric from getting wrinkled.

#KonMari Step 4: Pack all your garments upright in the suitcase


Photo courtesy of Marie Kondo on Instagram (@mariekondo) 

Now, take all the garments that you have folded and packed them inside your suitcase. Start with arranging large clothes into the suitcase first, then the smaller and thinner clothes. Leave some space to pack your small bags of items and remember to line your clothes in an upright position that is visible to your eyes. This way, it is easy to see the garments that you want to pick out and wear during your travels. Super neat right?    

#KonMari Step 5: Pack your miscellaneous items in separate bags and pouches


Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy on YouTube

The 5th step of packing using the KonMari method is to pack miscellaneous items in small bags and pouches. Shoes that you want to bring should be stored in a shoe bag before packing it in the suitcase. This method will avoid the dirt on the soles from staining your clothes. Undergarments such as panties and bras should be kept in their own bag too. When separated in a smaller bag, it is easier to grab the undergarments whenever needed. Here’s another quick tip to save space, keep your folded panties in the bra cups! Now, if you are the type who likes to bring a lot of gadgets with you during travel, I bet that you always find your cords and wires all tangled with up each other in the suitcase. Avoid this by following KonMari tip that keeps cords and wires in a small pouch.


Photo courtesy of Cuyana x Marie Kondo on Vimeo 

When it comes to toiletries, try to transfer your hygiene-care products (soaps, shampoos, face washes) into smaller bottles and keep them in a waterproof pouch. Not only it will save more space, keeping it in the pouch prevent leakage of product to occur. Same goes to makeups, keep it all in one designated makeup bag. Once you are done organizing all your miscellaneous items and self-care products in their own separated bags, arrange them neatly in your suitcase. For items that you want its shape to remain such as bras and shoes, arrange its bag in the space near the suitcase handle area. The shape, then, won’t be affected and deformed.

#KonMari Step 6: Jackets & Important Items should go on top of everything

Photo courtesy of In Style on YouTube  

The last piece of items that should go last in your suitcase is your jackets and important items (documents, etc). Pack them on top of everything in the suitcase as this will make it easy for you to reach and use it at the airport. Not only that, but the items’ shape will also be in good condition.

#KonMari Step 7: Leave some space in your suitcase

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy on YouTube  

One last tip to remember! Leave some space in your suitcase when packing, so you can store the souvenirs and gifts that you want to bring back home. Now, zip your bag because you’re all set to go for your holiday. Joy should be achieved even before you start your journey to travel. So, I hope you will find the spark of joy when you pack your suitcase using the #KonMari method!


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