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Self-care: It is As Easy As Taking Care Of Your Body And Mind!

Taking care of your body and mind is the key to self-care

Posted on 03 May 2019


No matter what phases of life you are in now; working, studying or even if you’re a housewife, you will find yourself caught in between the busyness of it all. Running to meetings, completing tasks, studying for exams, submitting assignments, cooking for your kids and even running errands, there is always more responsibilities to attend to be it for families, friends or even pets (taking care of pets can be tiring ok)!

In the midst of trying to pull your life together; do you find yourself feeling fatigue and dull instead of satisfied? Well that might be because you’re missing something…. And that is to take care of yourself. Self-care is very important for the wellbeing of your body and mind, as a healthy body and a healthy mind equals to.. A HAPPY YOU!

Self-care goes beyond just making sure you eat, take a shower and sleep everyday. It’s what you eat, how you take your shower, how many hours are you sleeping and the list goes on! Want to know more? Keep on reading as Packist breaks down to you the ways to self-care, which is as easy as taking care of your body and mind.

Eat Healthy


Making sure to eat healthy is very important especially for your physical health. Thus, make sure to have a good diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free; include meats, fish, eggs and nuts; and are also low in sugars. Always have breakfast and never skip a meal. Nutritious food gives you a healthy body, and a healthy body will definitely lead to a healthy mind!

Take a Social Media Break


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We are always guilty of looking down at our smartphones; checking our Insta posts, Facebook statuses or even Twitter feeds for almost every of our free time. On the dining table with your friends or family, on your train ride home, even when you’re crossing the road! (yes, I’ve seen people who does that). We have come to updating our social medias more than we are updating our real life (in other words, living), and this is taking so much of our time that we could spend on better things, or better yet, people! Now, I am telling you to put down your phone when you’re dining, walking or just sitting around with your friends or family and just talk; like real people do. This real life conversation will have an impact on making you feel more… connected with the people around you. Which eventually, will make you feel closer and loved by the people around you. Even if you’re alone, waiting for you flight or in the train, do not check your social medias but instead read a book! Cut down your social media usage and just live in the moment, I promise you it’ll make you feel positive.

Take a Time Off for Yourself



Sometimes our calendars are overly scribbled with important deadlines to meet and important meetings to attend to, that we simply just don’t make time for ourself. How about you start planning your weekends with holiday getaways with your family or friends to just take a time off your busy life. Maybe even sign up for something new, like a yoga class that can freshen your body and mind with meditation. You can even plan your weekends to pick up a new hobby such as cycling, baking or even painting! Who knows you might discover a new talent along the way!

Reward Yourself


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We all need to be reminded to be a little kinder to ourself; it’s okay to push ourself to always work hard and do better, but not to the extent of burning out ourself when we simply can’t do it anymore. For every time that you have achieved a goal, reward yourself and pamper yourself, simply by doing things that make you feel better. Go for a spa and massage retreat to just re-energize your body and relax your mind. Go buy that dress you have been eyeing for so long. Go for the simpler pleasures; getting yourself ice creams and putting on face masks. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, do it to reward yourself for every success, and it will instantly make you feel better and make you want to achieve more in the future.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise


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Exercise is the key to keep the strength of your body and mind in an upbeat. Notice how I repeat exercise 3 times in the heading? It’s because it’s that important to keep yourself reminded to always exercise. Now don’t start freaking out thinking you have to do hundreds of burpees, sit ups and jumping jacks everyday (although it is very ideal if you can do it). However, it is sufficient if you exercise at least once a week by just brisk-walking, jogging or running (depend on your stamina) around your favourite parks, gym or from the comfort of your home. According to, a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise every week is sufficient for physical fitness. Places you chose to exercise plays a role too in impacting your motivation to exercise and the wellbeing of your mind. Thus, it is always better to exercise at the park as the fresh air and the greens of the trees will take your mind of your stress. Studies at Stanford University also shows that people who take walks in nature see positive psychological boost, which also improve their brain attention span too!

Get. Enough. Sleep. Please



Last, but obviously the most important part of self-care is getting enough sleep. If you don’t realize it yet, getting enough sleep everyday have so much effect on your body and mind! It will make you feel more energized to do your work, prevent you from getting sick and even help your mind focus much better. Set a time to sleep every night and make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep every day. You will notice the effect if has on your body and mind instantly the next day!

Now, what’s left is for you to start taking these actions to self-care. Remember, self-care will give you a healthy body and a healthy mind, and that will ultimately make you so much happier!


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