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Cafe Hunt: KL’s Top 5 Favourite Cafes (Yummy & Insta-worthy)!

Top 5 Yummy & Insta-worthy Cafes in KL!

Posted on 06 May 2019


Need a cool cafe with great coffees that you can chill, drink and chit chat with your friends but don’t know where to go? Sit back because Packist got you covered as we give you KL’s top 5 favourite cafes that are all made of yummy menu and insta-worthy (read: aesthetic) cafes!  

#1 VCR

Source: @vcrlovesyou on Instagram

First on the list, VCR Cafe which can be found in the heart of KL city, in the old neighborhood of Pudu. Keeping true to their passion, VCR promises to bring you a perfect, freshly brewed coffee for every time you visit the cafe. Its cafe is designed with a twist of modern meets old architecture. Their menu offers you an array of unique coffee blends from long black to mocha, and a variety of sweets and savouries such as their three-layered chocolate banana cake called The Naked King and their lemon butter cake called Lemon Poppy. It is truly a cafe that will give you that quiet, comfy and minimalistic ambience. 

#2 Merchant’s Lane



Merchant’s Lane is a cafe that can be found a little hidden in the shop lots of Chinatown. The cafe symbolizes strong Asian vibe as it is decorated with rattan chairs and rustic walls, and that has made the cafe popular for local youths to take their aesthetic cafe post. The food and beverages served there can be said to be a unique fusion of East meets West. Once there, make sure to taste their Better Than Sex desert which is made of pandan-flavoured roti jala, melted cheese, kaya toast ice cream and gula Melaka drizzle. This fusion might sound weird but I promise you your taste bud will thank you! 

#3 Wizards at Tribeca


A cafe that is favoured by many locals for its elegant interior and delicious menu. With award-winning baristas,your coffee is guaranteed to be killer-good. Try their must-order Truffle fries which are non greasy and crispy!


#4 Feeka Coffee Roasters

Source: @feekacoffeeroasters on Instagram

A cafe that is inspired by the Swedish social philosophy “fika”; which means taking a break with family and friends, Feeka is truly a cafe that gives you the warm and welcoming feel that you want to spend with your family and friends. The interior design embraces space, bright colours and tactile textures that give the cafe a contemporary look. Their menu is also packed with fresh pastries, cakes, sandwiches and of course, smooth brewed coffees. 


Source: Flikr

PULP is a cafe that guarantees to serve you with honest coffee and food as the people of PULP gives full commitment to bring quality into their plate and cups. A step into the cafe will make you stare mindlessly at first to get their unique interior design that pays homage to its paper-cutting space roots. PULP is also more than just a cafe as they also provide coffee equipment for other coffee-maker businesses.

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