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Bangkok, Thailand launches its first Design Week

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Posted on 27 January 2018

Bangkok is making strides in promoting creativity and innovation. With the hosting of its first and biggest Bangkok Design Week, there is no doubt that Bangkok is becoming an internationally magnetic hotspot for tourists, artists, entrepreneurs and many others.

Held for 9 days, from the 27th of January to the 4th of February, Bangkok Design Week intends to host 230 showcases, bringing together 500 designers and entrepreneurs. Most of the events are easily accessible for those using public transport, therefore, anyone in Bangkok can easily become immersed in this vibrant event.

Sharing ideas is a main attraction. For example, featuring a talk from Kaave Pour, the creative director of IKEA’s future-living lab titled: “Pulse: Stepping ahead of the Curve”. This particular talk will discuss designing, thinking and planning ahead for the future so to cater for imminent global changes. Furthermore, many other talks are aimed to raise awareness of and discuss technological advancements, innovation and development. Events not to be missed!

Active creative projects are put in place to better the surrounding community and their quality of lives. These efforts include improving public display signs, providing shelter for commuters and increasing green spaces within the city.

With massive showcases and exhibits by creative entrepreneurs and designers, Bangkok Design Week proudly puts itself ahead of other major cities by providing amazing tourist and local attractions. One of the highlights of these displays is the Floating Park - a sand courier ship turned into a mini park. It has garnered major attention for its portrayal of the recent reduction of green places in the city.  

Workshops, live music from top local talents and art exhibits. The things you can find yourself doing during this fabulous week is endless. If you are looking for some souvenirs, there is no better place than their Creative Market. The market offers over 100 pop-up stalls of locally and independently crafted goods. A fantastic opportunity for anyone to explore independent Thai culture and its nuances.

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