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Top 10 Places to View Mount Fuji in Japan

The Best Views in Town

Posted on 22 May 2019

Mount Fuji has always been a significant cultural symbol of Japan, so much so that the local government has officially listed it as a “Special Place of Scenic Beauty”. Standing at over 12,300 feet, Mount Fuji is the highest volcano in the country. On a clear day, you can view the mountain from different locations in the surrounding towns. If you’re looking for a challenge while visiting Japan, here’s one to put one on your list: find all the best places to see Mount Fuji! You’ll even get to explore other cultural landmarks along the way. Without further ado…

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1. Lake Kawaguchi 河口湖

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The area around Lake Kawaguchi is the most developed among the Fuji Five Lakes, giving you plenty of fun places to explore while you take Insta-worthy shots of Mount Fuji. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to visit Fujiyama Cookie where you can buy delicious shortbread cookies shaped like Mount Fuji.

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2. Chureito Pagoda 忠霊塔

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You’ll have to climb 398 steps to reach this iconic pagoda resting on a hilltop. Once you’ve reached the top, there is a platform that allows you to take pictures of you with the pagoda and Mount Fuji in the background. Remember to visit at sunset or in the morning for the best lighting!

3. Oshino Hakkai 忍野八海

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Oshino Hakkai is a small picturesque village that is perfect for tourists. It features small ponds, street food vendors, souvenir shops, and even an outdoor museum featuring traditional Japanese tools and samurai armour. The view of Mount Fuji is just icing on the cake.

4. Hakone 箱根町

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Renowned for its many onsen and ryokan, Hakone is a resort town that is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. After all, who doesn’t want to view Mount Fuji from the comforts of a hot spring bath? Once you’ve achieved maximum relaxation, there are still many sights to see around town, such as the POLA Museum of Art and the Pampas Grass Field.

5. Fuji Shibazakura Festival 富士芝桜まつり

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From late April until late May, the town of Fujikawaguchiko is blessed with the sight of Shibazakura (mountain phlox flowers) blooming across 6 acres of gently sloping hills. At the Fuji Shibazakura Festival, you can take many #aesthetic photos against a stunning backdrop of red, pink and white flowers.

6. Iyashi no Sato - Ancient Japanese Village いやしの里

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Here’s one for the history buffs! Iyashi no Sato offers a glimpse into 17th century Japan known as the Edo period. On this land once stood a farming village that was destroyed by a typhoon back in 1966. Decades later, the traditional thatched roofed houses were reconstructed, and the village was converted into an open-air museum where you can explore shops, restaurants, museums and galleries featuring traditional arts and craft.

7. Gotemba 御殿場市

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Known for its large shopping complexes, Gotemba is essentially a shopaholic paradise. If you’re all about affordable luxury products, Gotemba Premium Outlet is the place to be. The mall features around 200 shops, 50 restaurants, and a Ferris wheel. Imagine going on a shopping spree with Mount Fuji in sight. Talk about an unforgettable shopping experience.

8. Fuji-Q Highland 富士急ハイランド

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The most extreme view of Mount Fuji is the one you see as you plunge down in a roller coaster going at 72 km/hour. If YOLO is your motto, head on to Fuji Q Highland, a large amusement park that features some of Japan's fastest, tallest, longest and steepest roller coasters.

9. Tokyo Skytree 東京スカイツリー

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The Tokyo Skytree is a television broadcasting tower and the tallest structure in Japan. On the observation deck, you’ll be able to enjoy a brilliant city landscape along with a view of Mount Fuji in the distance. You can also do all of these while sipping on a hot latte at Skytree Cafe.

10. Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway 天上山公園カチカチ山ロープウェイ

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Exploring Japan with your significant other? Hop on the Kachi Kachi ropeway that leads to Mount Tenjo where the Bell of Tenjo (Bell of the Sky) resides. Some say that ringing the bell brings you love and good health, whereas others say your wishes will come true. Either way, there’s no reason not to ring the bell. The inquisitive traveller should also ask the locals about how the name Kachi Kachi came to be.


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