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7 Essential Tips for Safe Travels Abroad

Stay safe on your trip!

Posted on 27 May 2019

“Have a safe trip!” is one of those things we’re used to saying but often take for granted. While safety drills are not the most fun aspect of a vacation, a little bit of preparation can make a world of difference in how your holidays pan out. In order to stay away from dangerous situations that could potentially ruin your vacation, follow these 7 essential tips for outbound travels.


Research Popular Tourist Scams

Tourists are easy targets of scams and crime for obvious reasons. From free bracelets to street beggars to group photo offers, tourist scams appeal to your needs and emotions in order to take advantage of you. Before embarking on your journey abroad, read as many blogs, reviews, and travel tips as you can to learn from the experiences of people who had travelled to the same destination. By becoming a connoisseur of scams, you can avoid falling for these shady traps as many before you had.


Write Down Emergency Contacts

Should you run into any trouble, having a list of emergency contacts on hand can be a life-saver because it sets the next course of action for you. Instead of going into panic mode, you’d know exactly who to call for assistance. Jot down the numbers of the local police, embassy, and emergency hotlines. Be aware that different countries have their own emergency codes so dialling 911 or 999 won’t work in places like Spain or Thailand.


Buy Travel Insurance

When you run into precarious situations abroad, you would often need to drain your bank account to get out of them. Being insured helps you to avoid this, ensuring that you’re equipped to handle some things you just can’t foresee while travelling overseas, such as personal accidents, medical expenses, flight delays, cancellation, and...


The good news is that getting a travel insurance plan is easy peasy! Packist offers travel insurance with comprehensive coverage for you and your family at affordable rates. Click here to get a free quote now!

Choose the Right Bag

Anti-theft bags are all the rage and for good reason. When pickpockets and thieves pose a problem, especially in crowds, safety functions should take precedence over style. Get a bag with hidden compartments, invisible zips, slash-proof build and so on, which would make it much harder for others to swipe your valuables. Additionally, if you carry a backpack, wear it in front when you’re in crowded places like the bus.


Get a Pocket Wifi

Modern problems require modern solutions. Imagine having no Internet connection while out and about in a foreign land. You may need to look something up on Google, or use an online translator to communicate with the locals or stay in contact with your tour group via WhatsApp. This can all be done when you have pocket wifi, which can be purchased online now at Packist. Packist pocket wifi hotspot supports up to 5 devices, and you can also choose a plan suited to your usual Internet usage.

Source: Takashi Kiso

Learn the Laws of the Land

It is important to know a city’s do’s and don’ts before visiting to avoid accidentally breaking the law. Even if the rules seem completely strange, we certainly don’t want to get in trouble with the local authorities. For example, in Grenada, strolling around in a swimsuit is only allowed on the beaches, so you’ll need to remember to cover up during excursions near the beach.


Choose Accommodation with Care

You may be tempted by crazy Airbnb bargains or run-down motels when everything else seems to be fully booked, but these could sometimes lead to problems like hidden charges, poor facilities, and dangerous landlords. As such, try to prioritise safety over saving a buck when choosing your accommodation. As the saying goes: “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. Again, online resources and reviews are the best tools to help you determine whether a place is safe to stay for the night.

Alternatively, you can consider joining tour groups and travel packages, which usually come with accommodation that has been screened beforehand.

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